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Thread: EX58 - UD3R - Slow boot + Vista Sleep erorrs

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    Default EX58 - UD3R - Slow boot + Vista Sleep erorrs

    Hi all Im very sorry if I am duplicating any questions here but I cant seem to find any relevant answers from any of my searches.

    I just built the following system
    i7 920
    Gigabyte EX58 - UD3R - standard bios have done no flashing as im scared to "brick it", i beleive it is F1 version of bios
    XFX XXX 1gb Ati 4870
    6gb (2x3gb) G Skill ddr3 1600mhz
    vista 32 bit (however from what i have read i think i will reformat and install 64 bit - any suggestions?)
    Samsung F1 1tb SATA Hard drive 32mb cache
    Pioneer DVR-112d IDE dvd drive
    Antec 300 Case
    Noctua NH-U12p fan
    Corsair 750w PSU

    1) When I first installed I hade issues getting the mobo to recognize usb mouse and keyboard, I coudlnt even get into the bios etc. I unplugged everything (ram, dvd drives etc) and something - i dont know what - started the keyboards to work again. I check the settings in the bios/cmos and they were all correct ie usb mouse and keyboard. The computer is very patchy about recognising usb drives when they are plugged in, and wont always recognize them.

    1.5) when Installing vista it asked me to do a memory check, so I removed 2 of the 3 ram sticks for installation, then I replaced 1 of them so the total is now 4gb, with one stick out. Im scared that putting the last one in, will do something funny - vista 32 bit is recognising 3.25gb of ram??

    2)After my first install of vista, i put in the gigabyte cd, and did the express install. after the first reboot the computer stopped recognising at all the IDE dvd drive. Im not sure if it was something to do with the IDE controller? I couldnt find anywhere that could fix the problem, ie updating drivers etc? It was set as the master drive, with the correct jumpter thing, so I couldnt tell what the problem was. Although in the devce manager in wondows it would show as driver properly installed etc (i think it was using stock windows dirvers - pioneer has no specific driver for their dvd drives to install) - and I could find no ide controller driver anywhere (including on the gigabyte CD)

    Following that problem, I renstalled vista, then installed the gigabyte drivers one by one, restarting after each (leaving out the google one). Then I ran all the windows updates. It so far has not caused any problems but I am to scared to go into device manager and scan for hardware changes, just in case it messes up the ide controller thing

    Is there a fix for this?

    3) I found the computer really slow and choppy before I updated the GPU drivers. But even after I have installed them, windows is not as fast and responsive as I would have thought it to be. It take a fair while to boot up the machine (it takes a fair amount of time even to get past all the motherboard bits to get the the windows loading page)

    4) I have come back to my computer in the mornings to find it had gone into hibernation/sleep which is fine, but then I cant seem to wake it up, so I have to turn it off and restart using the power buttons, which doesnt seem right. Im not sure if this is a vista problem or a metherboard problem, but other gigbayte users seem to be havingthe same problem on the ex58 extremes, not sure if this is the case for the UD3Rs as well.

    Please Please help me, as I have spent a lot of money on this machine, and thought it would be fun to build it myself. All I want to do now is cry, and maybe what is EVEN WORSE is wishing i had just bought a machine from dell!!

    I would really appreciate tips on, what settings to have on the motherboard, what drivers and updates to install and which ones to avoid, and the order i should do them in!!

    Also one other point, if I decide to install vista 64 bit, what is the cleanest way of doing it, while keeping the 32 bit version just in case the 64 bit version doesnt work for me and i quickly want to get the current version working again?

    Thank you very much in advance for reading throuh my babble and also for helping me out.

    It is very much appreciated. :D

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    Default Re: EX58 - UD3R - Slow boot + Vista Sleep erorrs

    Well for starters, dont worry about bricking your board, just dont use @BIOS and you will be fine provided the power does not go out on you. Please read this Guide for how to flash with Qflash and you should be good to go >>>

    Your BIOS Final Versions are here (F4 is the latest Final, F5B also posted on the offical site) >>>
    GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - BIOS - GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

    And the latest Beta's are here (F5C as of now for your board) >>>

    To even attempt to overcome your S3 sleep issues you will have to update your BIOS to the latest final or Beta BIOS. S3 is still in the works for all boards when overclocked, but the latest Final BIOS will be fine in S3 mode if you are not overclocking.

    As for your Vista 32/64 question. What DVD do you have? You have to have a x64 DVD to install x64, your key will work in x64 but you need the media to install it.

    Now, onto your questions as you numbered them... Sorry I reply as I read normally

    1. USB Drives? Do you mean external ones you think maybe caused your mouse/keyboard issues? If so, you need to be sure you have Legacy USB Storage Detect Disabled in the Integrated Peripherals BIOS page and then it will not scan at bootup your USB External Drives.

    Your USB Mouse/Keyboard will work normally and everything will work normally in windows. You just will not be able to use your USB Devices in DOS or Qflash, so if you want to flash with Qflash you will need to enable this again first.

    This may or may not help, but most often this is the cause as some devices are just not compatible with the boards in DOS/Starup so the scan of these devices causes issues. Disabling the settings will disable the Scan for USB Devices at startup and solve it most of the time

    1.5. Not sure what you mean by this as I have never seen vista ask that... But I can tell you with a 32bit system you will only ever see (Be able to use) 3-3.5GB depending on your GFX card. After you install SP1 you will "See" all 4-6GB but you will not be able to use anymore then 3-3.5. This is a 32bit limitation, you will need to install x64 to use all your memory. You can of course put all your memory in, just be sure you set the spec voltage and you should be good to go.

    You are using the white slots right? Slots labeled 1, 3, 5 are for Triple channel using 3 sticks so be sure you are using those. For 2x2GB only you would use slot 1 + 3

    2. Express install is not recommended as it will install RAID Drivers for both controllers on your board and cause the issues you describe. Since you have installed drivers you should be fine since you are not seeing the issue again. Device manager would have already updated things even if you did not open it. However, if you do and you get the issues again you need to uninstall the Intel RAID driver and the Gigabyte JMBxx driver (I think that is how it looks, something like that anyway) and then reboot and you should be fine

    2.5 The only drivers you need are the sound ones, if you need that (RealTek), LAN Drivers (If you need those) and the Intel Inf Chipset Drivers. And I would suggest you get the latest anyway from Gigabyte's site as the CD is often old drivers anyway (Even for a new board) Here is your driver page >>
    GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - Driver - GA-EX58-UD3R (rev. 1.0)

    SATA Drivers do not need to be installed with Vista. However if you did your vista install with AHCI Enabled in the BIOS you may want to update that by installing the Intel Matrix Storage Manager (First link English, second Multi Lang) >>>
    IntelĀ® Matrix Storage ManagerĀ*Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager

    3. Yes, it does!! Do you have AHCI Enabled, if so this makes it a little longer, but it is long anyway I agree! They are updating the AHCI ROM here in the next Round of BIOS updates so it should pickup drives, ect faster soon

    4. This is due to your initially using a very old BIOS that S3 does not work in. Still not sure if you are running stock or overclocked? But I can tell you the latest Final if using stock speeds S3 will work.

    Vista is set by default to go to sleep after 20 minutes I believe, and the "Shut Down" Button is sleep as well not shut down, which you may have noticed. You can adjust all of this in the Control Panel, Power options page. ON the left pane you can choose when the computer sleeps and choose what the power button does as well. To change more power/sleep related settings click on the "Change Plan settings" link that is checked/in use and a new window will open. From there you will also be able to change the sleep options and display settings, but if you click advanced settings you can adjust many things.

    Drivers should be installed in this order....

    1. Install Vista
    2. Install all vista updates, Reboot
    3. Install any remaing updates and reboot.
    4. Install SP1 Via Windows Update (Reboot Three times Automatically), then reboot again once it is finished installing
    5. Install Intel INF Chipset Driver, Reboot
    6. Install Audio and LAN, Reboot

    As for your 32/64 question and dual boot. If you have a x64 install DVD (Retail Ultimate is the only one that has both) you will only need to create a second partition to install x64 to and then install to that partition. Vista will setup a Dual boot for you, and you will then get to choose which to boot to each time you start your PC.

    Should you decide you like x64 and want to use only that, I would advise a clean install of it so that you can have the OS install first on the disk.

    x64 is great, and since you have 6GB of ram you might as well just go ahead and install it so you are not wasting your ram and $$ Spent on it. x64 is fine, I use it myself and have NO issues. I use Vista Business x64

    Here is a Free Program that will allow you to create a second partition easily in vista to install x64 to. >>>
    |MG| EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition 3.0.2

    Be sure you ONLY move the disk space from the RIGHT side to the left. Meaning DO NOT Move the C (Vista) partition from the left side of the partition. Here is a guide I made for someone using this same program. >>>

    It is not a guide for a Vista install, but it is a guide for creating a second partition so you should be able to get the idea from it. If not please ask

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    Default Re: EX58 - UD3R - Slow boot + Vista Sleep erorrs

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    S3 is still in the works for all boards when overclocked, but the latest Final BIOS will be fine in S3 mode if you are not overclocking.
    I found this out through experience last week and until now wasn't able to find any reference to others having the same problem.

    Do you have any idea when a bios for S3 /w overclocking will be made available?

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    Default Re: EX58 - UD3R - Slow boot + Vista Sleep erorrs

    They are working on it is all I know, some models they have corrected already and some they have not

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