HAHA, It is the Avatar and the <------Hot azz part

Only, sorry I did not mean the sheet sandwich part

The sites I thought I knew you from are sites I would not mention here, and do not frequent anymore just because I got out of that kinda thing a while ago.

The ones I mentioned above AB/AW were both Album places. But really, I may have just noticed that at any number of other sites I used to frequent or mod/admin at. Places to get free things basically, ya know where people post stuff, and others download, and then share again and so on.

Nice to see your PC Is priming away!! I get them all out of my head, years of tweaking hard at work inside there

If you get errors let me know what Prime mode you was running, how long until it error'd and if you ran memtest86+ beforehand or not. Then of course post me the settings you used that failed and I will advise back