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Thread: Help!? My GA-EP45 powers off/on rapidly!

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    Default Help!? My GA-EP45 powers off/on rapidly!

    Never experienced anything like this before...thought maybe it was my new PSU but...

    Hit the power button, it comes to life for a split second, then shuts off for a split second, and keeps doing this none stop, off/on/off/on, etc...
    Cleared change.
    Pulled vid card and change.

    Just to make sure it wasn't the PSU, I unplugged it from the board, then jumped the GRN to GROUND, then power it up...PSU comes on steady and strong....
    Plug it back into the board and try it, and the power cycles rapidly still...

    It's so frustrating cause I just got it working beautifully!! (Except for 'Sleep')...

    Do I have to RMA it?

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    Default Re: Help!? My GA-EP45 powers off/on rapidly!

    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    Never experienced anything like this before...

    Do I have to RMA it?
    RMA? Maybe, but possibly not. Are you running dual channel ram? if so... it might not be getting enough voltage. Pull one stick, reboot and go into the bios (if you can) and raise the voltage to the recommended level. Then save your settings - power down and put back the other stick.

    Maybe that'll help - maybe not. If not, and next time you post with problems and seeking answers - list your system specs (how else can anyone help you?)
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    Default Re: Help!? My GA-EP45 powers off/on rapidly!

    Maybe you just didn't read my entire post, but I pulled the RAM...I pulled everything...
    Does the exact same thing...

    This isn't the normal EP45 behavior where, when you OC it too far, it powers on, waits 3 seconds, then shuts off and restarts after 3 seconds...eventually resetting itself when you kill power to the PSU.

    This PC is shutting off and on 4 times a second!!

    It's been running perfectly fine for the last month...then suddenly it does this...

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    Default Re: Help!? My GA-EP45 powers off/on rapidly!

    So this happen out of the blue, or when you was trying some memory settings? Just wondering

    Have you had it out of the case, and off the motherboard tray with NOTHING connected but one stick of ram, the CPU/Heatsink, and your GFX card? Just wondering if you maybe had something work it's way into causing a short, it happens.

    Aside from doing that, I would test the ram on another setup if you can to be sure it is still good. I would also test your GFX card in another system as well to be sure it is ok

    How did you try to clear the CMOS? Please try the method I outline here in Post #2 >>

    Aside from that, if you have it out of the case as described above, I would re-seat the CPU as this sometimes helps as well. Chip Creep can happen >>
    Info: What is "Chip Creep"? - -

    Do you have a Floppy drive ALREADY Connected to the board and set as first boot device? If so you may also want to see if it will do a blind flash for you, outlined in the BIOS flashing guide linked above

    If you still have no luck with anything, let me know and I will give you a last resort link before you would have to RMA

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