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Thread: UD5/i7 920/3.8Ghz Help!

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    Default UD5/i7 920/3.8Ghz Help!

    GA-X58-UD5 rev 1.0 F5 Bios

    I am at 3.885Ghz and need some help. Here are my current settings:
    20x Multi
    Turbo ON
    Bclk 185
    Vcore 1.3000v
    QPI 1.28v --------too high?low?
    Ram voltage- 1.64v
    Ram: Patriot Viper 1333Mhz 3-2Gb kit Timings 7-7-7-20 XMP ready
    Ram NOT in XMP--------should it be?
    6x ram multi, ram underclocked --------???
    Everything else is AUTO

    I was having some stability problems and wondered if it was around the timing.

    Now, the problem is I used to run vcore @ 1.281v and it ran great at 3.885Ghz now Its needing more voltage. WHY?
    I have ran Memtest with 4 threads/tests with it past 100% coverage
    (2 hrs or so)
    I have ran 8 hrs of Prime95 (TT) with 1.3v vcore and it passes. But now at 1.281v on the vcore it does not pass?! Instability Issues
    Is there anything I need to make sure is OFF or in AUTO or Specific like that?

    Also do I need diff. values for my ram setup?
    Please help. I want to try and run it at lower temps (ie lower Vcore)
    Right now I am flirting with 70C at full load. Ambients around 20C
    TRUE push/pull

    OHH yeah! When I cold boot the computer, it does this false rebooting like 2 or 3 times before it gives me a proper short "beep."
    Have I ruined something? I figures I burned up something, or something...

    Lastly....sorry this is a long laundry list...
    When I am monitoring my temps through realtemp, three of the cores are great and stable, then one does a wierd thing. It PEAKS and goes way higher than the others.
    FOR EXAMPLE: core0,1,4 are all around 25-28C. Idle Max temp might be 30C.
    Then Core3 is around 25-28C Idle, then spikes up to 41C, then returns. Showing in Real Temp Max of 41C. When the others are so much lower.

    Is this BAD? It seems it would be VERY BAD!
    Last edited by NOS KIA; 03-15-2009 at 06:07 PM. Reason: Oh and as you can tell I am an OC newb! Sorry for that. This is my VERY 1st home build. Im kinda scared I ruined something.

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    Default Re: UD5/i7 920/3.8Ghz Help!

    Can anyone help?
    This is driving me mad!!
    As long as its not going to blow up on me... lol

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    Default Re: UD5/i7 920/3.8Ghz Help!

    Bumpy for some help.

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