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Thread: Pencil volt mod for EP35-DS3R?

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    Default Pencil volt mod for EP35-DS3R?

    Anyone know where I can find these? Im getting .09 (yes .09!) vdroop on load.. =(
    Itry this
    and this
    with no result

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    **PC Specs**
    Intel Q6600 G0 @ 3.2ghz(400*8) @ 1.256v full load (Vid 1.3) Batch # L743B023
    - EP35-DS3R (Bios F3 )
    Zalman CNPC9500 AT
    - 1 x ATI POWER COLOR X1950 PRO @ 600/700
    - 2 gb KINGSTONE CL5 PL9 @ 800mhz
    - HEC Power 580 w
    - WD5000AAKS SATA2/16MB/7200
    Samsung SH-S223F STT00 Patch Utility v3.4.3 ( Full Patch )
    - GAMMA mini server Case with HEC 580 watt
    - Vista 32 bit SP1 and All Useful Updates

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    Default Re: Pencil volt mod for EP35-DS3R?

    I don't get it why people simply do not understndd that vdroop is not a bad thing. The only situation where you should want to lower vdroop is if you cannot overlock higher because of the vdroop. And since you're only at 3.2GHz vdroop is certainly not holding you back...
    A pencil mod will solve no problem for your (since you don't have one!), it can only cause problems, so don't do it.
    Read more about vdropp here:
    Intel Processor Power Delivery Design Guidelines and Specifications: Vdroop Explained - The Tech Repository Forums

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    Default Re: Pencil volt mod for EP35-DS3R?

    my only prob. with voltage drop is try to hit 450 fsb
    this fsb need mor 1.45 on my Q6600 but voltage drop prvent stability so i need to this mood

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    Default Re: Pencil volt mod for EP35-DS3R?

    Agreed ^^^

    .09 is not a big droop at all anway, .9 would be of course though.

    If you tried the above one with no results are you sure you are making your mark dark enough with your pencil?

    Try this one with a pencil >>
    P35-DS3R Vdrop and Vcore failed - Page 2 - VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum!

    Or (Same with Solder)
    Modding Gigabyte EP35-DS3 (with pics!) - VR-Zone IT & Lifestyle Forum!

    Again .09 is not a big droop at all anyway, and as said above if you can only get to 3.2, Vdroop is not what is holding you back at all.

    You can use 1.45-1.5+ in actual (CPU-z shown) voltage in that CPU as long as your temps are good

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