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Thread: Need flash tool to Flash EX58-UD3R -> EX58-UD3R-SLI

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    Default Need flash program to Flash EX58-UD3R -> EX58-UD3R-SLI / EX58-UD4 -> EX58-UD4P

    Hi there,
    As the title suggests im after a flash tool that will enable me to flash my EX58-UD3R to EX58-UD3R-SLI. Im pretty sure its the same tool that will enable the same process with the UD4 to the UD4P.

    The problem is I cant find a bios flash tool that will accept the incorrect microcode from the SLI bios.
    I had assumed that this board would do SLI (I follow design logic rather than marketing shpeel) and ended up first viewing a thread here that described the first person to do this process on the EX58-UD4 board.

    Sneaky trick enables SLI on non-SLI motherboard :: TweakTown

    Since the UD3r and UD3r-SLI use the same bios type and the boards look identical I assumed the same was possible then found this article on anandtech confirming that it should be possible

    AnandTech - Sli possible on gigabyte x58-ud3r?

    The article on this site mentions that u need a flasher called "spiflash.exe". This seems to have been released by some clever Asian chappy and it looks to be a word play on gigabytes own "flashspi.exe" tool used to flash these bios's.
    I know thats the file im after, I guess its just the same tool modified to ignore the micro-code mismatch.
    But despite registering at a few sites with the help of google translator im still unable to get hold of that file. If anyone has any information on where i might download it I would be very happy
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    Default Re: Need flash tool to Flash EX58-UD3R -> EX58-UD3R-SLI

    Replied to you here >>>
    Enable SLI on your GIGABYTE's EX58-UD4 - XtremeSystems Forums

    I think the translation is what messed up the Flash SPI/FlashSPI into SPI Flash

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    Default Re: Need flash tool to Flash EX58-UD3R -> EX58-UD3R-SLI

    Hi, as we found out this is probably not the case :)
    You will need a modified flash tool (or at least a fairly elaborate combination of the right flasher and some weird switches) to achieve this.

    I have made a webforum to try and expidite hunting down the tool or the information thats required to replicate this process.

    Flashing the GB-EX58-UD3R & GB-EX58-UD4 to the SLI version

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