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Ya, It looked to me like your manual also did not show a "MIT" Section.

You can use that version of your BIOS F3, but you may want to update it to the latest as it may help with this issue and or other issues you may or may not be having. Please see here for the best way to update your BIOS, Do not use @BIOS, especially since you are having memory issues >>>

Latest BIOS for your board is here (Latest NON Beta BIOS is F8) >>>
GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - BIOS - GA-M61PM-S2 (rev. 2.0)
Hi again

I came to think that maybe some of the configurations in the BIOS are mistakenly misconfigured, and hence the problem with putting the modules in dimms 1+2 . I know that I cannot configure the memory section but maybe some other features are related to this. What do you think?