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Thread: ep45-ud3p w q6600 and OCZ Reaper 1200mhz - overclocking

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    Default Re: ep45-ud3p w q6600 and OCZ Reaper 1200mhz - overclocking

    well mate... after 6more hours of trying... it maxed out at these specs:
    9x375 @ 1.45V(bios)
    That was the last successful boot... to tell you the truth... I'm happy with 3150mhz per core cause I've decided to change Q6600 with E8400/E8600 or maybe with Q9400 since this rig was custom built just for oc-ing.
    I'd like to see you push yours :P
    I have another rig with this same board, Q9650, cm v10, 4x2GB Geil Evo One @ 1066mhz, 1x 150gb wd raptor, 2x500gb wd blue sataII and stuff like that.
    I think that in this rig... I made a mistake with Q6600 and possibly with the ram...

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    Default Re: ep45-ud3p w q6600 and OCZ Reaper 1200mhz - overclocking

    Ahh, well that is not much at all, and I think you may have some setting holding you back as most all Q6600 will do 3.4 at least easy. If you want help with that, give me your full settings and I will see if I can tell what it holding you back and advise back. You may just need more Vcore, but I would think that is enough to get 3.2-3.4 already, but some need more of course. You would be fine up to 1.45-1.5+ on that CPU as long as temps are good

    But ya, if you want to get a high overclock a 8400 will be good for sure, 8600 is not needed the 8400 would do. But of course if you find a 8500 or 8600 at a similar price then it would be fine, just don't want you spending extra money thinking the 8500/8600 would be that much better, because it is not. All they have is a higher multi, which you do not want really.

    I will give mine a push here tonight or tomorrow for you and post results. I do have a ES CPU and it seems to like the volts, so far I have only had it to 4.2Ghz, but I have not pushed on it at all that was just within normal lower voltages, ect. Just have not had much play time lately.

    I'll post some pics here shortly and let ya seen what she can do. I need to Push on it anyway, been meaning to and just have not found the time lately.

    Here is what I am running Right now, I think I could do 4.3-4.4 with this CPU possibly? >>>

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    Default Re: ep45-ud3p w q6600 and OCZ Reaper 1200mhz - overclocking

    Alright mate... I took your advice and suggestion upon the consideration and giving that you've been more then helpful... I'll listen to ya...
    So... here are the voltages from easytune(same in bios, checked)
    cpu reference - auto
    dram termination - auto
    channel a&b ref - auto
    mch/dram ref - auto
    mch ref - auto
    ich i/o - auto
    ich core - auto

    the fq is:

    current temps while idling:

    And timings for the ram:

    My main problem is that mch voltage can NOT be moved from 1.05V in order ram to work over 800mhz.

    For the start I'd like to have stable at this settings...
    Perhaps then we could go up...
    But... my main goal is to have very fast settings for app opening(among other), visual studio, dreamweaver, photoshop are my main tools for work.
    Which means, I assume... tight timings for the ram.

    Thanks for your help mate.
    If you were anywhere near, I'd buy you a beer(or two) :P

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