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Thread: core I7 920 overclock temps!

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    Default core I7 920 overclock temps!

    Here is my system:
    antec 1200 7-120mm fans
    core i7 920
    gigabyte x58 ud5
    gskill 3x2 1600mhz
    coolermaster v10 cpu cooler
    sapphire 4870
    coolmax 1200w psu
    wd 1t hard drive

    I have ran prime95 and coretemp for 3 hours and passed all tests in that 3 hours at full load,100%.

    I overclocked to 3.66 mhz
    core temp reads frequency at 3667.23mhz (193.01x19.0)
    core temp for 3 hours of testing read core temps at 70C - 78C never saw 79C on any of the tests.

    is this temp ok for the 920,I heard they run a little warm anyway,but need advice.

    pc is for gaming only,this is my first build so could use some advice on these temps.

    pc starts right up and is reading my memory at 1600 now.

    please let me know what you think of these temps


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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    your temps are ok

    I have seen i920 goes to 100c using the stock fan

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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    That seems kinda high for your cooler for only being at 3.6. What voltage are you running the CPU at, because that is how my temps were when I was at 3.6 with the stock cooler.

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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    There's a reason why Intel doesn't thorttle the CPUs until the hit around 100C (exact temp depends on model), they can take that much heat :)
    The only reason why people try to keep their CPU under 60C/65C/70C etc is because if it gets hotter it's not stable anymore. Many people seem to interpret this though thinking that hotter may damage the CPU, which is not the case by itself. Heat doesn't kill the CPU, but increasing the wrong voltages too much can kill it.

    As long as it's stable then your temp is perfectly fine. But keep in mind that CPU temps rise as the room temp rises so it may not eb stable in summer anymore.

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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    here are my settings

    cpu =3.66mhz
    ram =1544
    cpu multi =19x
    bclk =193
    ram multi =8
    xmp profile =on
    cpu vcore =1.38750v
    qpi/vtt =1.240v
    ioh core =1.240v
    dram =1.600v
    ht =on
    turbo =off
    speed mode =standard
    cpu warning temp =80C

    everything else is factory settings

    you guys think i need to change anything

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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    ok lowered my vcore to 1.25v

    im 30min into prime95 and now seeing temps at 59C-65C now im seeing what this v10 cooler will do

    post back in 3 hours and let everybody know how it went

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    Default Re: core I7 920 overclock temps!

    ok ran prime95 for 3hours again

    droped vcore to 1.25

    now my temps are running between 59C-67C at 100% load

    im happy with this now on to setting the 4870

    thanks for the help everybody

    and i hope this thread helps other peopl


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