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Thread: Should Gigabyte making new version 1.2 rev board for UP3P/R ?

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    Default Should Gigabyte making new version 1.2 rev board for UP3P/R ?

    Mine UD3R 1.1 is fine and up running with 1,3 slot no problem.

    I noticed both UD3P/R with rev 1.1 do still existing problem with ram slot (no post infamous) with few bad patches and might not able to fix it over firmware bios but physical hardware might need address problem quickly.

    things they need fix now below.

    1. Ensure check all 4 ram slots on boards.
    2. More test QLV different sizes and brands of ram sticks.
    3. Ensure 8-16gb will post with flexible memory configuration with automatic in bios without endless tweaks etc.
    4. Fix it now or sell it then buy other brands that works out of box.
    5. Go back to drawboard and pick Taiwan maker better over China over there.

    That is my 2 cents.
    GA-EP45-UD3R REV 1.1 BIOS F11 (stay away F10F)
    New Intel Pentium E6500 9x500 FSB=4.5 GHz on air
    .SKILL PI BLK 2x2GB DDR2 800 1.8-1.9v CL4 @ 500 MHZ
    MSI GTX 260 OC 620/1080/1296 (192 SP)
    Windows 7 64bit build 7600

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    Default Re: Should Gigabyte making new version 1.2 rev board for UP3P/R ?

    If a BIOS update does not fix the 16GB DDR2-800 [4x4GB] stability issue, they better update the board & also either offer refund/exchange the crappy ones they've sold so far! Support for 16GB RAM was the reason why I bought this board in the first place.

    I am sick & tired of Gigabyte & their completely non-existent support!

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