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Thread: Overclocking a Q6600 on a GA-EP45C-DS3R

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    Post Overclocking a Q6600 on a GA-EP45C-DS3R


    I recently bought a Q6600 G0 and 2x2Go Pc8500 OCZ2RPR10664GK DDR2
    I'm now trying to get the most out of it by aircooling (Noctua NH-U12F) on a Gigabyte GA-EP45C-DS3R.

    I'm planning to switch to an i7 configuration begore the end of this year, so I just want to "squeeze" out this cpu for the time it should last (6-9 months), not afraid to boost the voltage up and reduce the lifetime of the cpu and/or MB and/or DDR as long as they hold for the 6-9 months.

    And by Squeeze out I mean at least +50% overclock, so that would be around 3.6 Ghz.
    I set the fsb to 401 x9 at 1.55 bios vcore (1.504 in cpuz), cores are at 46C iddle and

    72C full. It starts, I get to windows, but in the 10 first minutes I start a prime95 or an OCCT, they detect errors, so not stable yet.
    I'm wondering if I can go much higher with the vcore ?
    Or maybe it's something else that's holding it back.

    Here are the screens of every relevant page of my bios any help would be greatly appreciated

    (I've voluntarly reduce the DDR as I want to get my CPU stable first)

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    Default Re: Overclocking a Q6600 on a GA-EP45C-DS3R

    What do you get in Memset for that Auto Static tRead? That could be holding you back, what you see in the BIOS is not always what you get in windows

    Yes, you can go above 1.5 actual, and some CPU's need it. But you may not, have you tried less Vtt and or Less MCH Voltage? I would think you would not need that much MCH Voltage at that FSB, and it may be giving you issues

    And that much ram voltage is also likely to give you errors, you have it underclocked with loose timings so you for sure do not need more then the spec amount. I would set that to 2.1V for sure as you likely do not even need that amount.

    Other then those thoughts, and maybe more Vcore and or more/less Vtt you may need to adjust your MCH Ref voltages and while doing so try more/less Vtt. See my signature for a link on how to go about doing that. If you do go there, try .70-.84, but you must read the link do not just go setting that amount because that is NOT how it works

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