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Thread: My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

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    Default My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

    Hi lsdmeasap, hope you're reading this.
    Here is what my MIT looks like, all is default value except mem freq set Manual to DDR 800.

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    Default Re: My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

    Here is the DRAM Configuration screen. NOTE: I have it set to Auto, I selected Manual so the values will get highlighted just for the purpose of the picture (otherwise in every field it just says Auto). I returned to Auto setting after taking the pic.

    Additionally for my Corsair model I found this on another forum:
    Testing parameters for Twinx/XMS2-6400C4:
    Twin2x2048-6400C4 Data Sheet

    Motherboard make and model: Asus P5WD2 or M2N32-SLI Premium/Deluxe
    Each pair is tested and packaged together using the following settings:
    AI Over Clock Tuner: Manual
    CPU External Frequency: Manually set to 200MHz
    DDR2 SDRAM Clock: Manually set to 800MHz
    PCI Express Freq: Auto
    PCI Freq: 33.33
    Performance Mode: Standard
    DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual
    SDRAM CAS Latency: 4T
    SDRAM RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 4T
    SDRAM Row Precharge (tRP): 4T
    SDRAM Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 12T
    SDRAM Write Recovery Time: 5
    Write to Precharge Delay: 15 (If it's Listed)
    Command Rate: 2T
    DDR2 SDRAM Voltage: 2.1
    Advanced voltage control
    CPU Vcore offset:_Disabled
    DDR2 Termination: 0.5x
    CPU to NB HT:____1.200V
    NB to SB HT:_____AUTO
    NB Core/PCI-E:___AUTO
    SB Core/PCI-E:___AUTO
    SB Standby core:_+1.500V

    Output driver control
    Chipset Core Voltage: Auto
    All other settings are motherboard defaults.
    Maximum DDR2 recommended VDIMM: 2.1 Volts

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    Default Re: My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

    Another thing that is confusing me:
    When running the Cache and Memory Benchmark in Everest the mem freq was reported as 716MHz (2 x 358MHz). It says CPU/7 and for my 2.5GHz Athlon 4850e it comes to 357MHz.
    Shouldn't I use the memory as 800MHz? With my standard CPU freq and the /7 divider it can never compute to 800MHz.
    You can see in the MIT screeshot above that I have set Memory Clock to Manual and DDR 800 but CPU-Z and Everest Cache and Memory Benchmark still report the CPU/7 math which makes my memory reported at 716MHz. I have no other options to play with dividers etc in the BIOS, at least not to my knowledge. Is there any way I can achieve my memory at 800MHz?
    As far as my ddr voltage is concerned my board can only move 0.1V not less. So what you mentioned in your last reply that if 2.1V is giving me overvoltage of 2.16V then my other option is only 2.0V, nothing in between in BIOS. But you already answered my next quetion, that the 2.1V Corsair spec is the max and it doesn't really have to be that high always.

    PS. While waiting for Lsdmeasap to pop in I have been reading about the 716MHz mem freq. It seems with my Athlon x2 4850e and its 12.5x 200MHz multiplier the best I can get is the 716MHz. It makes me surprised though, because the BIOS clearly has option to set Mem Freq manually at 800MHz and I did that but still mem is working at 716MHz as per CPU-Z and Everest.
    Should I consider raising FSB to 224MHz then making the CPU 2.8GHz which would give me the desired 800MHz mem freq? Saying this, I am assuming the CPU/7 divider will remain.I just read on another forum a post from someone OCing the 4850e to 2.8GHz without any problem and on stock voltage. If I really don't need to change voltage, I would be interested to do this. I am using the stock cooler but when OCing to 2.8GHz it doesn't seem to be an issue.
    So, Lsdmeasap, the nex tsteps would be:
    - in MIT change CPU Host Clock to Manual, and CPU Freq to 224MHz (haven't tried if it can go that high)
    - in MIT leave Mem Clock to Manual, set to DDR 800
    - in DRAM Config set the timings to 4-4-4-12 and maybe change some advanced timings depending on advice I get here
    - in MIT set System Voltage Control to manual, leave all values to normal, just set DDR voltage to 2.0V to comply with RAM spec

    And that should be it, right? If I haven't forgotten anything... :)

    PPS. If I want to OC the Athlon 4850e do I have to disable the Cool'n'Quiet in BIOS? Does the two interfere? Or it's better to OC the CPU (moderately) and keep Cool'n'Quiet for better performance?
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    Default Re: My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

    After reading around these past few days I set my Corsair 2x1GB CM2x1024-6400C4 manually to 4-4-4-12, the DDR Voltage to 2.0V and Memory Freq to Manual to DDR 800 value.
    Haven't done any tests yet but at least it seems the PC booted up OK. So I guess it should work like this. The Corsair is 6400C4 anyway and it should work at CL4.
    Both the BIOS and Everest report the DDR Voltage as 2.05V so it seems there is 0.05V offset by the board. But the memory has spec up to 2.1V so I guess it can't damage it. If I bring DDR Voltage down to 1.9V in BIOS (that will probably make it 1.95V with the offset) I wonder whether the memory will be stable at CL4.
    Because my CPU is Athlon x2 4850e at 2.5GHz and it seems my mem freq is calculated with CPU/7 divider my memory is still reported at 716MHz and not 800. Don't know how to change that. Any advice?
    Is it that much of a difference anyway?
    Or should I just OC the CPU to 2.8GHz and that should give me 800MHz mem freq provided the divider is still CPU/7. Can someone please give me OC instructions for my board and CPU? Haven't done that before myself. You have my MIT BIOS screen shot above. If you need more info, just ask. The board is MA78G-DS3H rev1.0 and the CPU Athlon x2 4850e.
    Should I keep cpu ratio at 12.5x and up the cpu freq to 224MHz to give me 2.8GHz? Any other settings that need to be changed? CPU voltage? HT freq?

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    Default Re: My Corsair memory on MA78G-DS3H

    It seems I spoke too fast. :(
    Although the PC seemed to be working fine, I restarted it just to see what happens. I selected Restart but the PC actually shut down. It didn't start itself again. This usually tells me the memory is playing with me.
    I hit the power button and it started again, the led on my DVD-RW flashed few times (as usual) but instead of going off and hearing the POST beep, that didn't happen. The DVD led just kept flashing (like initialization or something), the POSt beep never came, or any other beep, the screen remained blank.
    So I hit the reset button on the case, this time there was successful POST, went into BIOS right away and put the memory timings to Auto, which makes my 6400C4 Corsair work only at 5-5-5-18 and by Auto voltage to 1.95V (instead of the expected 1.8V).
    Is it really that hard to make a Corsair 6400C4 work at CL4 on this board???

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