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Thread: UD5 ocz memory from 1066 to 1333?

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    Default UD5 ocz memory from 1066 to 1333?


    I just noticed that my 6Gb OCZ 1333 memory is running at 1066Mhz.
    I am running a corei7 920 at stock speeds and (almost) everything in the bios is default.

    Is setting the memory multiplier to 10 so that I go to 1333Mhz enough?
    And if I am going to overclock my cpu do I need to redefine this multiplier also?

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    Default Re: UD5 ocz memory from 1066 to 1333?

    Yes, and no. If you are using 133 Blck you would only need to set 10 Memory multi, but you would need to set 20 uncore freq as well and add/set your Memory voltage as well as add/set some QPI/Vtt voltage

    And yes as you increase your Blck you would need to change the memory multi as you go once you get so far past 1333 that your ram wont overclock further. I would go ahead and set 6/8 memory multi (12/16 Uncore freq) until you get your CPU where you want it and stable, then move onto your ram

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    Default Re: UD5 ocz memory from 1066 to 1333?

    Thanks for the info
    I am now in the process of overclocking and didn't realise at first that uncore had to change as well to keep it in sync with the memory freq.

    Your answer confirms it.

    Just another question
    What is better...higher cpu or memory speeds? In other words : if I use a blck of 170, then I need to have memory at 6/12 in order not to go above 1333. However a blck of 166 gives me memory at 8/16

    To make my search complete: I don't need to push my cpu to the max but some overclocking is nice. Is there some point in overclocking that makes the extra effort in time and money less worthwhile. In other words : what do I win in speeds between 3.4, 3.6, 3.8 and even 4.0 Ghz (some comparisson website?)

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