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Thread: Giagbyte GA X48T DQ6 / Q6600 / GEIL 1333 value DDR3

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    Talking Giagbyte GA X48T DQ6 / Q6600 / GEIL 1333 value DDR3

    Hello just got this board and realy impressed so I thought I would post for ego and others .

    These are play settings not benching settings

    Q6600 stepping B revision GO @ 3.2GHz 7x458MHz 1832MHz FSB

    1.4375V (1.424V actual)

    GEIL Value 1333MHz 1.7V 7-7-7-25 @ 1221MHz 5-5-5-15 1.75V

    Multi/Strap is at 2.66D giving about 9.6GB/s (wow) most I've managed

    so far is 9.95GB/s but I'm loathe to use maximum volts even for a quick

    test as you are best to leave a little in hand , if a boardstarts to break

    down it gives you time to get the next one in etc .


    FSB ~ +0.15

    (G)MCH Northbridge ~ +0.2

    Nvidia 9800GT @ 10% overclock ~ 660/1650/990MHz

    425Watt (490Watt peak) V2.2 Active PFC Hiper PSU (please spare me your comments on this)

    And thats about it I've only had it 2 days so I will probably finnesse

    these settings a little .

    As an example in Doom 3 using Ultra settings and maximum everthing I was getting about 91FPS @ 1360 x 768 (the most my 37" LCD will handle)
    now I'm getting over 130FPS in Timedemo demo1 . (I may have the resolutions wrong its hard to tell in doom but its the same settings as I haven't reinstalled the operating system from the Asrock P35 board I was using ! In Stalker it was round about 40 FPS , Little more on average
    and yo yoing up and down like it does . Average is now about 85FPS and ton plus is a common norm .

    Dammed if I know where this performance is coming from , but yeahaa .

    I must go and kill myself now as there is nothing left to experience .

    Cyas on the darkside

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    Cool Re: Giagbyte GA X48T DQ6 / Q6600 / GEIL 1333 value DDR3

    Just realised I've been severely under abusing my Q6600 !

    These are my new settings , Might not be totaly stable but good enough

    for gaming ! (hey you got to get up for coffee now and again)

    Q6600 @ 450MHz x 8 = 3600MHz Vcore @ 1.44V actual (1.51something)

    DDR3 @ 1500MHz 6-6-6-21 Multi/Strap ~ 3.33D 1.8V giving about

    9.5GB/sec !

    All on air of course .

    Haven't had this much fun since the celeron 300A
    pawn ya l8r noobs CaRBoNKeV

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