I am trying to rebuild a RAID5 with the Intel chipset.
once an unpartitioned disk is connected the BIOS detects it and sets it for rebuild. Following that, under windows the Intel matrix storage console also runs ok, restores RAID state, and ends ok.
However, after recovery process is done and I try to reboot, the Intel BIOS hangs when listing the drives right before listing the new drive (the one that the recovery process finished successfully on just a second ago). Reset just starts the BIOS again to hang in same place.
If I disable the Intel RAID, drives are identified OK (as single IDE drives). If I then delete the partition on the new drive, and enable the RAID again, the BIOS detects it,sets it for rebuild, Intel matrix storage console runs ok, restores RAID state, ends ok - and again, next boot the RAID BIOS halts.
I've tried it so far on two different new Samsung drives and one WD HDDs, so it's pretty obvious it's not a HDD problem. All of them are working fine, but RAID BIOS hangs the next boot after recovery.
The original RAID I had was made of 3 Seagate 500Gb drives. Now I went through two Samsung 500GB and one WD 500GB as the new drives.

Can anyone help?