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Thread: How to check 965p motherboard's revision?

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    Default Re: How to check 965p motherboard's revision?

    Hi LSD,

    Quote Originally Posted by Lsdmeasap View Post
    Ya, I would do a clean install myself, or at least a Microsoft XP Repair Install. That would fix you right up, of course you would then need to reinstall all windows updates but your programs and files would be left untouched.
    Yes clean install done of course :-), for new projects, but for old project as I said stick with it. (older software versions/plugins not always backward compatible.)
    Works hundred times better than my p4c800e/p4 3.4 GHz) on original system :-)

    XP repair install was the second I have tried, but not worked, I can't remember now what was the issue, but not worked.

    And as for the SMBus, did you try the latest Intel Chipset drivers? You should install them anyway and that should update the SMBus driver >>
    Yes of course, but If I try to install the pack, it says error message and quit then.
    I tried to update driver on smbus and pointing to extracted inf files, but says it is for another smbus.
    Tried to remove smbus and after windows detect it, pointing again to infinst directory , but saying it is for another version.
    So seems to be there is another chipset driver stayed from 478 system, and detecting as 478 smbus.

    BTW, I will do some ghosting and try xp repair again as you suggested, maybe for smbus only will work. (I have done it in early stage, when new drivers was not installed yet, but not worked as I said before)

    Thanks for suggestions anyway.


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    Default Re: How to check 965p motherboard's revision?

    Quote Originally Posted by Th3_uN1Qu3 View Post
    Oh here's the topic where i should've posted about music. To the OP: Out of curiosity, what software are you using to make music? And can you recommend me a good cheap MIDI keyboard, i'm looking to get one.
    I think this is NOT that topic :-) BUt anyway, if moderator stick whith it in short :
    Look at m-audio and EMU midi controllers/keyboards. :-)

    Thanks for the reply about smbus. Yes, I even not thinked that even it will succes. That was the MAIN reason I don't upgraded my computer since long time: Backward compatibility. Not money or something other.
    I'm using Cubase 5 (of course), and MANY MANY plugins, processors, dsp cards etc. Simply impossible to install all of them in right version.
    (commercials sucks because they called for example plug autotune3.dll, and host audio software looking for that, but the plugin now is called autotune5.dll. Renaming not works here :-)
    And when I'm talking about hundreds of freeware plugs, you will never install a new system :-)


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