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Thread: Question about Xpress Recovery2

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    Default Question about Xpress Recovery2


    I have sucessfully used Xpress Recovery2 on my system in the past to both backup and restore.

    However I want to know what might happen in this situation:

    Assume I have a 100GB hard drive.
    I create a C: 20GB partition to install WinXP, leaving 80GB free unallocated. Assume the WinXP installation takes up 5GB of space.

    I now use Xpress Recovery2 to backup my install on C:. Xpress Recovery2 makes a special backup partition on the hard drive. Assume it is 5GB in size. My C: partition remains 20GB, my unallocated space is now 75GB in size and the recovery partition is 5GB.

    Assume now that I now assign the unallocated 75GB of space to new partition D:. All space on the hard drive has now been allocated.

    Assume now that I fill my C: partition so it now has 15GB of files instead of 5GB of files.

    What happens now if I use Xpress Recovery2 to make a backup of my C:? The original backup partition was 5GB and now it will need about 15GB of space but all space on the hard drive has now been allocated.

    Will the backup fail or will it somehow create the room for the extra data by "stealing"" it from C:, D: or both drives?

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    Default Re: Question about Xpress Recovery2

    I would believe that it would fail or tell you beforehand there is not enough space to create the backup.

    It does give you a notice if you try to create a backup where there is not enough space, so this would likely be the case in your mentioned scenario

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    Default Re: Question about Xpress Recovery2

    OK. This is certainly important to know. Let's say that I did get a message from Recovery Xpress2 saying not enough space. Do you think that if I then for example deleted D: (or resized it smaller using a partiton sizing tool) creating at least 15MB of unallocated space, that Recovery Xpress2 it would claim that free unallocated space and successfully backup the 15GB??

    Just something else I have noticed.
    I have 3 hard disks. If I have all three disks installld, Recovery Xpress2 won't work. I need to disconnect the two non-system hard drives first.

    However, I think that one of those non-system hard drives actually has an old boot partition on it and it is just that drive that really just needs to be disconnected. Otherwise Recovery Xpress2 will see 2 potential system partitions and that is why it fails.

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    Unhappy Re: Question about Xpress Recovery2

    I see there is many a problem with Xpress Recovery2. I seem to have just a simple one but yet it drives me bunkers, the back-up process stops at 38mb and then reports "back-up failed" to reboot. I am unable to uninstall Recovery2 (no options given) and can get it updated any other way? HELP Please... My OS is XP Pro and 500gb SATA Drive, I also left unallocated 40 gb for back-up purposes....

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    Default Re: Question about Xpress Recovery2

    XPress Recovery is a buggy, underfeatured POS. Use the free version of Macrium Reflect or if you have a Maxtor/Seagate drive, Seagate DiscWizard (a custom version of acronis True Image).

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