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Thread: EP45-UD3R Dual Audio Output

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    Default EP45-UD3R Dual Audio Output

    I have bought and installed the EP45-UD3R motherboard and it is fantastic.
    I only have one problem.
    I have my computer hooked up to the following:
    1) Stereo monitor speakers
    2) Digital Output to my amplifier
    3) I have hooked up my Skype phone via usb.
    The all work separately from each other, but I can not get them to work at the same time. I am always forced to choose one as default and then the other 2 have no audio.
    Please help...

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R Dual Audio Output

    you are setting the default audio input/output for the entire operating sysytem (all installed programs) to one of the 3.

    try looking in the settings of the various programs u are using and setting the the audio output/input for that specific program to the desired device.
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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R Dual Audio Output

    There should be a "multi-streaming" option , try to find it. ELSE if it no work just disable realtek sound manager from starting at bootup and it should work after a restart.
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    Default Re: EP45-UD3R Dual Audio Output

    Like randomness said, there is that option. It's in Control Panel -> Sound, in Properties or Advanced, can't remember, i'm on a XP computer atm. Something to do with Exclusive mode. Untick the "allow exclusive mode" box and you should be set.
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