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Thread: Oldschool Gigabyte board still kickin - 6BXDS

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    Heh, whad'ya know, i'm back here. Ariadne's just received a well-deserved upgrade - meaning a new set of CPUs!!! I never thought i would get my hands on some, but here they are, a pair of the 1.4GHz 512kB cache PIII-S processors, and a pair of slotkets to go with them.

    I'm going to paste some of this from somewhere else, i'll be skipping some details, but let me just say that modding the slotkets (MSI MS-6905 Master v2) proved to be a long and tedious task. However, in the end, i accomplished it.

    The original plan was to put the CPUs in the legendary Asus P2B-DS rev 1.06, which i also received in the package i had waited for 2 months to get. It was so good seeing that board again... Immediately the full set of mods were done to the board, and i patiently waited holidays to install it in my system. But then - my bad luck struck again and the P2B would not install Windows with both Tualatins, not even at 100FSB. After days of struggling i gave it up, and decided to drop the chips as they are in the 6BXDS. Well what do you know, it booted straight up, no reinstall required (luckily i used a separate drive for testing the P2B), and the new chips run like a dream. Sure, i'm limited to 100MHz FSB, so i'm only running at 2x 1.05GHz, but it's certainly better than dual 700s. So here some quick pics.

    Yes that is a seriously large CRT. I have gotten this IBM P275 this summer, and if one wasn't enough i'm planning to grab a second one. Sensor is planted in the middle of the Pentagram XC-70 cooling the ultra vmodded Radeon 9800. That thing really needs some ramsinks, the RAM chips are burning when i run the ATi Tray Tools artifact tester, however it's been running fine for almost two years in this configuration. I'll slap some ramsinks on this summer just in case.

    Since i'm running at 100FSB i managed to get away with setting the lowest voltage possible for the CPUs, 1.3v (it appears as 1.35, CPUs are 1.45v stock). The only glitch is the weird CPU speed mentioned at POST, but they are recognized fine under Windows. :) Btw, the gray block was a camera glitch.

    The max the BIOS would do was this:

    Which got me these:

    But i wasn't about to let the BIOS get in my way so i grabbed WPCREDIT and the 440BX chipset datasheet, and arrived to this:

    Sure, it is no speed demon, and it's obvious that the memory timings did not gain much 3D performance (the CPU bottleneck is still obvious, and after all, the graphics card is running on AGP 2x!), but it's a welcome boost. The Radeon 9800 Pro has turned 7 years old this august (not my card, the original release date i mean), and most of the system is older than that. Yet it is still able to beat integrated graphics of today. That says something about it, and that's why i simply refuse to replace this computer. Oh, and 3DMark03 isn't even multi-CPU optimized right? Too bad newer stuff requires shader model 3.0., that's the only wall.

    Any game 2006 or older plays well, and then some - for example Red Alert 3 would run quite nicely even with the old 700s! Can't wait to try it now. Also it's more than able to run any Source engine games in good conditions.

    So, is this the end? Certainly... Not. If the Asus P2B (which can do FSB 150 with mods) will not work, then this summer i plan to get a 'scope, and build my own PLL circuit for the 6BXDS, to inject whatever FSB i want. I'll hijack the FSB lines only leaving PCI, AGP and other buses running happily on their default clocks, while pushing the FSB as high as it will go. Then we will see the true limits of the Pentium III... I think i will be pleasantly surprised by it.

    Ah well, happy 2010. :) Btw, i'll be back soon with a more "modern" topic, i'll need a new mobo for my main computer and i hope you can help me decide.

    Oh, and i forgot. This board has one of the weirdest behaviours i have ever seen. About twice a day the HDD LED will light up and the whole system will look like it's frozen. But give her 30 seconds and she will simply resume from this state and continue running. I believe it's got something to do with the SATA controller card, but i don't want to know what. It's what gives her personality, and i certainly don't mind it.
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