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Thread: MCH Voltage?

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    Default Re: MCH Voltage?

    It primed for over 10 hours before core #0 failed, core #1 kept going for another hour or two until I stopped it. Taking both your suggestions into account I'll focus on the vcore again now, so I've left the (almost) stable MCH ref at 0.685V (and let it change with Vtt of course) and MCH core at 1.160V and increased CPU termination to 1.280V and CPU PLL to 1.560V. I've put my ICH voltages to within Lsdmeasap's suggested ranges as well, do these often affect stability? I'll let it prime overnight again and let you know how it goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by VorLonUK View Post
    My board (although different chipset/model) behaves in exactly the same way. Increasing the MCH voltage causes more limitations for me.

    Another side to this is, we don't know all the "tweaks" and fixes Gigabyte introduce into various bios releases, so Its quite possible two identical boards with different bios versions could have different base/default values. Often we only know we increment a value from a base/default value, but as to what that is exactly is difficult to attain.
    That's good then, as long as I know my motherboard isn't going crazy I guess I'll just have to try and work around it. :P
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    Default Re: MCH Voltage?

    Keep in mind the amount needed of MCH core and MCH Ref will vary depending on your Vtt amount used, ram voltage and the tRD Setting you are using.

    You seem to find that more was giving you errors, that may solely be due to the fact that you are using the B strap, you may be able to apply more/less with the D strap and then find that other things adjust easier as well.

    Just giving you some food for thought

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