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Thread: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

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    Default Sata II xfer rates + RAID set-up on EP45-UD3P

    I just bought two 500GB WD Caviar Green HDDs (WD5000CSRTL). I cloned my system to one successfully and then wanted to move large files, Backups, photos, etc.. to the other but am only getting an average of 35MB/s transfer. This seems slow... I enabled the Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode, btw.

    I have an EP45-UD3P.. If Sata II is supposed to be 3Gb/s shouldn't I see something closer to 100 or more MB/s?

    Update, I turned of Compress this drive to save space and my xfer rate went to 58MB/s.

    Is there a good way to be sure that all the information transferred correctly so I can delete the files without fear?

    On a side note, I had tried to configure these as a RAID 1 set-up and couldn't get them to work. That attempt I went to BIOS and set RAID to Enabled, then Ctrl-I to set-up RAID drive, but after POST screen, Windows Boot failed with a blue screen too fast to read and that started a loop of Starts and Fails. So, that is why I decided to just Clone my system to one and use the other for Storage. If anyone has any suggestions about that, I am all ears. I wanted to RAID 1 them for redundant Storage of Photographs, Downloads, Backups and AVIs.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    To setup RAID 1, or any RAID, you must install the driver. If you are trying to make a RAID one for a storage drive and not your OS all you need to do install the Matrix Storage Manager. Then go in the BIOS and enable RAID, then you can either create the array from the Control + I Screen, or directly in the Intel Matrix Program >>>

    58-60MB/s is about average I think for a single drive transfer rate, all depends on the drives. 100Mb/s + Would require RAID of some type, I get 270MB/s + with 3 250GB drives

    Hey, you did check and remove any jumper on the back of the drive correct? If not, please do.

    Another thing you can do is turn on write cache in device manager by clicking on the drives properties, then the policies tab, and check Enable Write Cache

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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    kk, thanks. The matrix driver is on the Gigabyte DvD that came with the MoBo?
    There are no jumpers on the HDD.
    Write Caching is enabled. I will check out the Matrix Driver thing.

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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    I couldn't get the Matrix Installer to Install. It kept telling me that I didn't meet the system requirements, lol. I don't think its important, though. I am not going to RAID my drives, anyway. Thanks for the help, though. You can Lock this thread if you'd like.
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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    No it is not on the CD, sorry I forgot to link you to it >>
    Download Search Results!

    Ahh well you need to have RAID Enabled in the BIOS or have additional drives already set as RAID when you installed

    Ya, if you are not going to setup a RAID then no need for it

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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    WD's newest offerings are the green, blue, and black series in their Caviar line.
    green = energy saving features and lowest noise levels; lower speeds
    blue = balance between performance and noise levels; medium speeds
    black = higher performance and somewhat louder; faster speeds

    My 640 GB Caviar Black is 50% faster than my two year old WD320.
    Synthetic benchmarks:
    fastest = 120 MB/sec
    average = 75 MB/sec
    slowest = 60 MB/sec
    Maximum burst rate = 145 MB/sec

    Real world throughput varies; copying files involves reading, writing, and
    verifying data, so this will be slower than maximum speeds when reading
    from or writing to disk.
    Q9650 @ 4.10GHz [9x456MHz]
    P35-DS4 [rev: 2.0] ~ Bios: F14
    4x2GB OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 1094MHz @5-5-5-15
    MSI N460GTX Hawk Talon Attack (1GB) video card <---- SLI ---->
    Seasonic SS-660XP2 80 Plus Platinum psu (660w)
    WD Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB (data)
    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB SSD (boot)
    SLI @ 16/4 works when running HyperSLI
    Cooler Master 120XL Seidon push/pull AIO cpu water cooling
    Cooler Master HAF XB computer case (RC-902XB-KKN1)
    Asus VH242H 24" monitor [1920x1080]
    MSI N460GTX Hawk (1GB) video card
    Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speakers
    win7 x64 sp1 Home Premium
    HT|Omega Claro plus+ sound card
    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD UPS
    E6300 (R0) @ 3.504GHz [8x438MHz] ~~ P35-DS3L [rev: 1.0] ~ Bios: F9 ~~ 4x2GB Kingston HyperX T1 PC2-8500, 876MHz @4-4-4-10
    Seasonic X650 80+ gold psu (650w) ~~ Xigmatek Balder HDT 1283 cpu cooler ~~ Cooler Master CM 690 case (RC-690-KKN1-GP)
    Samsung 830 128GB SSD MZ-7PC128B/WW (boot) ~~ WD Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB (data) ~~ ZM-MFC2 fan controller
    HT|Omega Striker 7.1 sound card ~~ Asus VH242H monitor [1920x1080] ~~ Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 Speakers
    win7 x64 sp1 Home Premium ~~ CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD U.P.S

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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    When I use the IATA88ENU.exe, the install halts with the error message Your Computer does not meet the minimum system requriements. I fail to see how this can be.

    1. The system must contain an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo or
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme or Intel(R) Pentium(R) Processor
    or Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processor and one of the following
    Intel products listed in section 1 above.

    2. The system must be running on one of the following
    operating systems:
    - Microsoft* Vista*
    - Microsoft* Vista* x64 Edition (NOTE 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008 x64 Edition (Note 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* XP Home Edition
    - Microsoft* Windows* XP Professional
    - Microsoft* Windows* XP x64 Edition (NOTE 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003,
    Web x64 Edition (NOTE 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003,
    Standard x64 Edition (NOTE 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* Server 2003,
    Enterprise x64 Edition (NOTE 1)
    - Microsoft* Windows* Media Center Edition

    NOTE 1: If the system is running Windows* 64-bit version,
    the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager driver supporting
    64-bit should be used.

    3. The following operating systems are not supported:

    Any version of the following Microsoft operating systems:
    - MS-DOS
    - Windows 3.1
    - Windows NT 3.51
    - Windows 95
    - Windows 98
    - Windows Millennium Edition (Me)
    - Windows NT 4.0
    - Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
    - Windows 2000 Professional
    - Windows 2000 Advanced Server

    Any version of the following operating systems:
    - Linux
    - UNIX
    - BeOS
    - MacOS
    - OS/2

    4. The system should contain at least the minimum system
    memory required by the operating system.

    5. The 'Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility'
    must be installed prior to installing the
    Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager.
    1--E8400 C2D
    3-- n/a
    4-- 8GB RAM
    5-- Have version installed,
    a newer version than that which is available at intel's download center.

    This is my frustration, I think.

    From what I have read so far, I get the impression that you can't set up RAID after you have already installed VISTA, even though I am trying to install it on two new discs that aren't my "primary" drive. Is this the case?

    I found this link How to... and in it he seems to indicate that you can, but he also seems to indicate if you are using the RAID 1 for you primary drive. I just want to use it for back-up. (I know, I have read all the things about RAID 1 not being for "back-up", but I fail to see the point in redundancy, if not for use as back-up.

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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    I never got the Matrix to run, but I am not sure I needed to.

    I got fed up trying to make things work using the ICH10R ports, just never was successful. BIOS settings as per your recommendations.

    Then I had a thought. So, I put the two new drives in the G(Sata) ports, set the BIOS to IDE the ICH10R ports and RAID the GSATA , moved my primary drive and DvD to the ICH10R ports, and then rebooted. VIOLA!!!! I now have a RAID 1 back-up on the GSATA ports using the energy efficient Caviar Green drives and a faster smaller drive running my stuff on the ICH10R port. Without re-installing VISTA.

    Kind of wish I had been able to succeed doing it the right way... just in case I wanted to buy more drives. If I do, say go to a RAID 0+1 with more drives, then I will do a full install on VISTA at that time and then image my OS to the new set up, I guess.

    Any way, if you are looking for a quick fix for this there you go.

    BTW, other than reading the text at start-up, is there a way to verify through VISTA that the RAID1 is operational. I put my fingers on the sides of the drives while they were working to tactile-y sense it, but who knows?
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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P

    WriteSpeeds for RAID 1 are averaging ~40MB/s, not bad for a Green Drive?

    Any ideas how I might be able to do it the right way though? If I can get it to work on the Intel ports I definitely would consider buying two more drives and going 0+1, although that would require totally backing up everything (TrueImage) and then re-RAIDing existing drives and then imaging VISTA onto the new set-up.... geeze...
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    Default Re: Sata II xfer rates EP45-UD3P


    I was able to verify the RAID by unplugging the SATA connector to a drive, checking size, plugging it back in, unplugging the other and checking its size. Unfortunately, upon reboot, the GRAID utility said there was a Mirror conflict and I had to rebuild the mirror, which took a wile, >1Hour. So, it is a valid method for verification, but troublesome, lol.

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