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Thread: EP43-DS3, standby and HD issues

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    Default EP43-DS3, standby and HD issues

    Sorry about that... it was telling me that I had written 21000 characters!


    I have two problems, which I believe are probably related:

    1. System standby does not work (neither S1 nor S3)
    2. The hard disk drive constantly flickers (at irregular intervals) and the hard drive never spins down, even though I have set the operating system to do so after a few minutes.

    My system:
    Motherboard: Gigabyte EP43-DS3, bios F9
    Memory: 4 GB installed between slots 0 and 2
    Processor: 3 gigabyte Intel Core2 Duo
    HD: 640 GB Western Digital SATA
    Display adapter: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT with latest drivers
    O/S: Windows XP Prof SP3 (but the same problems also persist when live booting from UBUNTU Linux)

    The following symptoms occur both after loading bios FAILSAFE values and OPTIMIZED values.

    When using unchanged values (where system standby is set to S3) after clicking on standby there are two random behaviors:

    a) either everything powers down and switches to what seems to be S3 standby, when I try to resume by pressing the power switch everything seems to spin up and the power light comes on, but no screen (and also no flashing of the HD light after initially seeming to come alive) and no system. It is necessary to reset the system using the reset button

    or b) everything powers down for an instant and then after ˝ second powers back up again, except for the screen. On moving the mouse I am presented by the Windows logon screen and the system is usable.

    If set standby to S1 then on clicking “standby” the machine goes into standby for ˝ second (with flashing power light) and then immediately comes out again.

    The same occurs under UBUNTU – so it seems to be hardware. I have tried other display drivers with the same result.

    The constant disk light flickering and not spinning down occurs under Linux and Windows and also when I have uninstalled the display driver and have used Windows’ native VGA driver. I have also tried disconnecting the DVD/CD ROM drive (before re-booting) in case it was an auto-run on insert issue.

    Please help!

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    Default Re: EP43-DS3, standby and HD issues

    Have you tried different BIOSes? Sometimes newer BIOSes are actually worse than older ones, so do try older ones as well.

    I would have guessed that this might be a VGA driver related issues but you said you tried different ones so I'm leaning towards a BIOS issue now.

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    Default Re: EP43-DS3, standby and HD issues

    Thanks very much for your suggestion, nickel020, I tried with bios versions 3 and 4 and that only made the standby issue worse and the hard drive flickering remained the same. (The board came with version 7 installed, so I had already tried that.) Thinking that it could be some sort of strange hardware conflict, I have actually installed another display adapter.

    Do you think it could be a dud board? Or maybe that it has not been set up correctly?

    So far Gigabyte technical support have not been able to come up with any pertinent suggestions.

    Anyway, thanks very much for your interest, and I would be grateful to receive any other advice.

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