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Thread: CPU usage drop out in MemTest

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    Question CPU usage drop out in MemTest

    Just upped the ram on my GA-x48t-dq6 from 2x1G (OCZ3P13334GK Platinum) to 2x2G (OCZ3P13334GK Platinum). I've been stability testing with Memtest86 and Prime95 ... and then I saw the MemTest by HCI Design here on Tweaktown.

    However, when viewing the CPU usage graphs on the Perfrmance tab of Windows Task Manager, I periodically see the graphs drop to zero (0) for a split second and then resume. It does this randomly, both cores together. I'm running a E8400 at stock speeds and voltages and I've not seen this before with Prime95.

    MemTest doesn't show any errors when this occurs. The TrueTemp window shows a constant 98-99% loading and doesn't change when the drop outs happen. I'm running 2 seperate MemTest windows with 512M ram specified to test, to load test both cores.

    Anybody have any ideas on what could be causing this?

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    Default Re: CPU usage drop out in MemTest

    Memtest is designed to test the RAM, not the CPU, so it's not designed to keep a high CPU load.

    Unless you notice an isntability there's absolutely nothing wrong with your system.

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