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Thread: PCI clocking...?

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    Default PCI clocking...?

    I have an EP45-UD3P. Recently I was reading a review about the upcoming OCZ PCI-SSHDD and that made me think about over-clocking the PCI slot. This lead me to want to ask a few questions.

    I suppose that these are general questions, but I would also wonder about how this applies to my board specifically.

    What is the performance impact to OC-ing the PCI slot? What are the prospective risks to my hardware?

    Is this OC applicable to the PCI-E x 16 2.0 slot that my GPU (nVidia 9800GT) is in? If so, what impact would this have on my Folding, gaming, and image rendering as opposed to or in conjunction with actual card tweaking? (atm it is OC'd at 666/1665/1066)

    This last question is purely speculative, I am NOT going to even think about buying one of these new drives.

    What do you imagine that the results of OC-ing the PCI would be regarding the already fast PCI - SSHDDs?

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    Default Re: PCI clocking...?

    Well if you mean the pci express frequency I would leave it at 100mhz.
    For anything today current.
    You can google about it if you want
    I have seen people set it at 101mhz methinks
    I run at 100mhz.
    As far as the new stuff with it who knows
    I can't speak from experience on the new stuff haven't run the new stuff in that article doubt many have.
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    Default Re: PCI clocking...?

    I don't think OC'ing it will have any noticeable impact when using a PCIE SSD and it will risk damaging the SSD.

    I have ehard of slight performance adanvantages in some games with and overclocked PCIE bus but I would generally I would not recommend doing a significant overclock (110+ MHz) as the benefits are to small and your risk damaging the video card. Most games also show no benefit.

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