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Thread: First timer - Windows XP Pro startup issue

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    Default First timer - Windows XP Pro startup issue

    This is the first new build I have done. I have a GA-MA74GM-2 Motherboard and an AMD X2 5600 CPU. I have 4 gb of DDR2 PC6400 memory.
    My issue is when I start Windows XP Pro, I starts Windows, flashes as blue screen, and reboots giving me options for starting Windows again. Only Windows Safe Modes work. I have loaded and verified my drivers. All of my devices are working, HD, CD, DVD, USB ports, network, etc. The video is very choppy and sound does not work, at least in safe mode. I have not modified the BIOS as everything looked as it should.
    Any suggestions as to what is wrong with Windows or where I can look to find out? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: First timer - Windows XP Pro startup issue

    Did you do a fresh install of windows after you assembled your new hardware? It doesnt sound like you did. If you do a major hardware change like new MB windows xp with take a crap when you try and start it from the old install you have on your old hardware. The best thing to do is a fresh install. However I once googled this issue and found that it is possible to get an old install of XP working with new hardware, if you go into windows in safe mode, then, you need to go into the device manager and start uninstalling chipset drivers and stuff like that, CPU and MB stuff. I just googled it for you here is something new.

    How to use the Sysprep tool to automate successful deployment of Windows XP

    I have swapped motherboards several times. The key is preparation of the old system before taking out the old motherboard.

    There is a SYSPREP tool on the XP CD.

    You may need to extract files from the Windows XP CD, files are located at CD:\SUPPORT\TOOLS\ in a cab file called DEPLOY.CAB. The files are Sysprep.exe and Setupcl.exe.

    With the old motherboard still intact:

    You run sysprep and "RESEAL" Windows XP.

    Then you put the new board in, and it re-activates Windows XP and populates the device manager list.

    You do need to re-activate with the same key-code, and if you exhaust that number of activations, it will prompt you to call

    Microsoft and you get a new release key at no cost from them over the phone.

    If you have hardware conflicts with the new motherboard and any device, you will have extensive problems noticeable by memory dumps.

    "If XP is on a 'new' system you must boot from the XP CD and do a repair
    install so that XP can install the drivers corresponding to the new system."

    Hope something here helps.

    It would be best to backup your data and just do a fresh install, However I know that this can be a pain sometimes.
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    Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 MB (Rev. 1.1 BIOS v.F8c)
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    Corsair 2 X 2Gb XMS2 PC6400C5 DDR2
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