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Thread: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

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    Angry GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM


    I have a GA-P35-DS3L motherboard and 4 GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 PC2-8500 RAM. Currently I'm unable to boot my machine. All that happens when I press the power button is the fans come on at full speed and the display doesn't turn on.

    I purchased this machine over a year ago and it works fine, most of the time. However, I find that if I shut the machine down for any period of time I have an extremely difficult time restarting it. Usually I end up pulling memory modules at random until the thing finally boots up. Once it is up and running it will run for days (sometimes weeks) without a reboot or crash. Rebooting always works, it's just when I actually power down the machine that I have a hard time restarting it.

    I've read a lot of forums about people complaining about this motherboard/RAM combination and how tweaking the voltage settings in the bios helps, but I've never been able to get it to work. Whenever I raise the memory voltage I immediately start getting BSOD or other crashes.

    As I said earlier, currently I'm unable to boot the machine, so I can't get to the BIOS to modify any settings. At this point I'm ready to buy some new RAM just so I don't have to deal with this anymore. Currently I'm looking at 4GB A-DATA. Since it's PC2-6400 I believe I'll have less problems.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should go from here? Is there a simple solution to my problem? or should I just buy the new RAM and hope for the best?


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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

    altho that would be a possibility I would prefer to trouble shoot for a problem. think about booting to mem86+ and testing your ram if you can.

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

    I did do the memtest a little while ago, and each individual stick returns no errors. But, if I load all 4 into the motherboard and leave it running for a while, errors begin to show up.

    However, I'm not sure this proves anything. I've read that errors will show up unless you have the proper voltages set in the BIOS.

    I can't run another memtest right now though, not until I figure out how to get the machine to POST. As I said earlier, all I get right now is fans spinning at full speed and an blank LCD :(

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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

    What sort of rig do you have? Can you boot to a cd? What's the OS? blah blah blah

    Oh you might try and reset your cmos. Take your battery out for about 5 ten minutes and reinstall and see what happens. If that doesn't work try taking the battery back out and rebooting. May or may not get anything. Then put the battery back in and reboot. Speaking of the battery is it good?
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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

    Have you unplugged and reseated your ATX_12V and 24-pin power cables?
    Have you checked all the other cable connections?

    When you turn on your computer, do the fans remain spinning until you turn your computer off?

    Do you have a small computer speaker hooked up to the mobo's speaker pins?
    If not, you can buy a small 8 ohm speaker at Radio Shack or any electronics store.
    We need to know if there are any error beep codes while you're trying to boot.
    The error beep codes are near the back of the mobo user's manual in the Troubleshooting Section.

    Have you tried booting with another video card, cable, and monitor?
    Have you verified that these parts work with another computer?
    Have you tried an older PCI video card in one of the standard PCI slots?
    Have you tried booting with a different power supply unit?

    Here's a painless procedure that might help:
    1) With your computer off, turn off the power to the psu by using the psu's on/off switch.
    2) Unplug the external power cord from the psu.
    3) Press and hold the computer case's on/off switch for 10 seconds.
    4) Leave your computer in this state for 15 minutes or longer.
    5) Hook everything back up and turn on your computer.
    6) Pray!

    Any time I add or remove computer parts, I always do steps 1 - 3 and 5.

    To eliminate the possibility of a short-circuit, remove your mobo from the case
    and lay the mobo on a box or some books next to your computer case,
    but within reach of the case wires and connectors.

    The Minimalist Boot:
    Disconnect everything that isn't required to boot, including:
    Hard Drives, floppy drives, cd/dvd drives
    All USB devices including the mouse and keyboard
    All add-in PCI cards.

    You want to boot only with your cpu, PS2 keyboard, video card and only 1 memory module. That's it.

    The bios settings in the first part of this post are meant to provide a stable foundation for EP45 mobos immediately after
    you've loaded OPTIMIZED bios settings. I'll create a new list for your P35 (I have one as my backup machine).

    Here is Lsdme's P35 generic bios template. Print it and save it for when your system can boot.
    Go immediately into the bios and fill in the current bios settings. You can then post these settings for us to look at.
    If you've cleared your cmos, don't bother filling in your current settings.

    Load OPTIMIZED settings, then apply the stable bios settings. Be sure to save the stable settings in a
    bios profile using a meaningful name. Check this post that covers the basics of saving and loading bios settings.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: GA-P35-DS3L & crucial ballistix tracer RAM

    I've broken down and purchased 4 GB of A-DATA DDR2 800 RAM. I put it in and the machine booted up perfectly. All settings look good and the machine seems stable. I'll run some memtests later, but my guess will be everything is fine.

    profJim - I tried most of what you suggested in earlier rounds of troubleshooting. I disconnected everything non-essential and attempted boot, I checked all connections and they were all fine. I didn't attempt removing the mohterboard to check for shorts, but like I said, I was pretty confident it was the memory itself.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions and quick replies! I really do appreciate it, but I am just too fed up to deal with this any longer. I hope the A-DATA RAM doesn't have the same problems :)


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