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Thread: GA-EP45-UD3P Suddenly Won't Post - Was Working Fine - Please Help!

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    Default GA-EP45-UD3P Suddenly Won't Post - Was Working Fine - Please Help!

    MY EP-45 is absolutely killing me today. This morning everything was running absolutely fine. My system is only about 2 months old and everything is basically new.

    Anyway, for whatever reason I needed to restart my computer and now the thing won't post at all. I've dealt with a lot of no boot/no post boards and the usual stuff isn't working here.

    Things I have done that were fruitless:

    Clear CMOS
    Reseat CPU
    Remove/Reinstall MB + All Components
    Swap RAM Stick
    Check + Recheck Cables
    Check +/- on all leads
    Checked Ram Compatibility

    Nothing I can do can so much as even get a video output on my monitor. Absolutely nothing is different with the PC from several hours ago when it was working 100%.

    When started, the PC will attempt to boot for a few seconds, I get all the LEDs lit. Fans all start, including, after a 1-3 second delay, the CPU fan - I was worried the slow start on the CPU fan could be triggering the NO_CPU_FAN warning/shutdown, but that doesn't account for no post. Sometimes, I get a string of fast, non-stop beeps until the computer power cycles itself and repeats again. Sometimes I get no beeps at all. If I remove all the RAM I get the standard NO-RAM beep schedule. Loading with 1 or 2 sticks, regardless of slots used, produces same random (ie. sometimes continuos beep, sometimes nothing) effect.

    I'm at a loss at this point. Every other time I've had a problem like this it directly followed something I did. I changed absolutely nothing on this PC; there's no reason this should be happening. This isn't even an over-clocked PC, it was set for rock-solid stability.

    This may well be the last GB board I ever buy and I am about ready to just quit building systems entirely. The last system I built a few months ago (which forced me to buy this one) was on a GA-965 and it promptly, at stock settings, burned my CPU even with a Tuniq. So, I shell out another 600 or so for a whole new set of parts, finally get it all running perfectly, and almost as soon as I am able to get used to it actually working, this occurs.

    Edit: I have already googled this for a few hours. Because of the circumstances around this problem (going from perfect operation to no post) I'm a little less inclined to think one of my main, new hardware components suddenly exploded with no overclocking. Also, I hadn't even moved the computer, so I think a short would be somewhat unlikely. How exactly does a shorting MB act, and is there a way to rule one out without operating outside the case? Should I even worry about a short when I hadn't moved anything?

    If a list of my specific hardware is necessary, I can post one. I figured since the system has been operating for weeks full-time with all these components at these settings with no problems, it couldn't be a hardware incompatibility.

    I have read a virus or other mal-ware could cause a reboot loop problem, but I'm not sure if that can account for a reboot loop with no post. If anyone can give me more information on the potential for this to be a program-sourced problem, I would be very thankful.
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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3P Suddenly Won't Post - Was Working Fine - Please Help!

    From what I can find out with google, the beep-error code I am getting is either a longer code which is being cut off by the power cycle, or it represents the following:

    " No Power, Loose Card, or Short."

    Given I did not so much as touch the tower to insert a CD in between "100% operating" and "No Post", a loose card or short seem somewhat unlikely.

    My power supply is a 3 month old PC Power & Cooling 610W. I've never had problems with these in the past. I'm running only a single 7900GS, single HD, so I think even if it's providing a lot less power than it should I would be ok. However, at this point I can't figure out what else could be wrong, but I don't have any extras on hand I can try nor the ability to get one quickly.

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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3P Suddenly Won't Post - Was Working Fine - Please Help!

    Faulty power supply unit would be my first guess. Pretty tough to troubleshoot without extra components to swap or testing equipment.....
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    Default Re: GA-EP45-UD3P Suddenly Won't Post - Was Working Fine - Please Help!

    I took the entire thing apart and reassembled it, again, and now it will post and boot normally as long as only 1 stick of my 2 sticks of RAM is in. Of course, it doesn't care which one that is, so I don't see how the RAM can be the problem. I assume the repeated clearings of my CMOS must have reset a setting related to the RAM but I can't seem to spot it anywhere.

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