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Thread: Gigabyte ep45 ds4 and e8400 overclocking problems

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep45 ds4 and e8400 overclocking problems

    its it an e0 chip or a c0 chip?

    two, there is no performance benefit between running ram at a 1066 as opposed to 800 or 900. i suggest you go with a 333latch and 2.00 b multiplier and put the timings on auto.

    if its a co chip, you probably need about 1.45 to run at around 4ghz. That really isn't a lot as the real reading will be 1.42 on idle and 1.4 on load. Still don't assume it can run at 4ghz. It'll be close to 4ghz at least though .

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep45 ds4 and e8400 overclocking problems

    My c0 Xeon only needs 1.34 actual to run 4Ghz, and I think that it is a volt hog. So 1.42-1.45 should not really be needed unless it is a SUPER Volt hog

    Your cpu can do FSB above 550+ For sure, and for sure 450-500 without issues or excessive voltages. You just have to find the right combination of settings and not just trying to pour on the voltages as sometimes that hurts stability more then anything

    1. Running a B strap above 400 FSB is fine, long as you have it stable

    2. I am not sure what you mean, can you reword that. No though 3.6 is not better then 4Ghz no matter how you look at it, but again I am not sure what you are asking here so that may not be my answer to your question

    3. See the sticky h >> ereMemory Timings Explained W/ Suggested Timings & Memset VS. BIOS

    Memset can be used for testing, but do not use save only apply. But you want to do all your final settings in the BIOS of course

    4. Because.... HAHAHA It just does, due to the low power phases when the system transitions between states power supply does not meet CPU demand. You can get it to work when overclocking, but in the end you will actually be using MORE power because you will need things much higher to gain stability than you would if you leave them disabled. Overclocking by definition means DRAIN POWER, so no point in you trying to save and drain at the same time now is there?

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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep45 ds4 and e8400 overclocking problems

    Thanks for the replies, didn't notice them til now.
    The revision is C0.

    I can't agree that running the memory @ 1066 vs 900 mhz with default timings isn't beneficial at all even if not clearly visible, there is speed in transfer to be gained - you can run the memory tests in aida and see the difference pretty quickly (of course these are only benchmarks, not the real thing).

    As for my second question what I meant to ask was - isn't a higher fsb and a slightly lower cpu clock better than a high multiplier cpu clock with a lower fsb. In general I'm asking about your opinion on FSB vs multiplier overclocking.

    Currently I am happy, with my settings, so I guess I'll leave them for now.
    1,33 in idle and 1,31 in load isn't all that bad for 3,7ghz I guess.

    Thanks for the help lsd.
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    Default Re: Gigabyte ep45 ds4 and e8400 overclocking problems

    My pc did it again, after more than a week of 24/7 non stop work it crashed after I restarted. The interesting thing is, that it crashed after I restarted a second time, but when I went into the bios and saved my settings it doesn't crash. Maybe some of my bios settings get reset after a restart? I can't explain it, anyone have an idea?

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