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Thread: looking for 5ghz with q9650 & ep45-ud3r

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    Default Re: looking for 5ghz with q9650 & ep45-ud3r & extremesystem have vast info " official UDP THREADS"although I can never get a confirmation email at ES. For quads use .76 cpu ref & .84 mach ref tweak up & down from there.... figure out what fsb youll need and try it at a lower multiplier if the board won't do it there it won't. The extra miles are in the refs and raising the Pl in adv. timings if you BSOD try next highest. With this board more volts doesn't always prove best. Clock skews 1000,1000,0,50 seem the norm @ 470 & up.
    Personaly I'm stuck @ 475 @ 3.8gz on my Q9400 RO stepping & damn 8x multi .....can't get my mem to stable past 950 . I can boot past 520 and use it but can't stress . Tried Tracer reds & hyperX 1066 " I couldn't get stable @ 450 until I tried .84 MCH ref then jumped to 475 no prob "
    I think it will mostlyl revolve around your ram.
    After I got my board DDR3 dropped like a rock wish I would got the DDR3 version

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    Default Re: looking for 5ghz with q9650 & ep45-ud3r

    lsd thanks for the info will come in handy.

    153, yeah i can get into windows and run 1m super pi(9.8s) at 530fsb but fails prime right away i think im ram limited right now, atleast i hope anyways. only an 8 multi?

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