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Thread: Ep45-ud3p with core 2 quad or duo?

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    Default Ep45-ud3p with core 2 quad or duo?

    I just got a new ep45-ud3p board and i already have a q6700, but i want something with 45nm and would like to know if i should go with e8500, e8600 duo's or with q9550, or 9650 quad's. I mainly use my system for internet, recording high def tv with windows media center and playing games. Any input would be cool, and helpfull.
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    Default Re: Ep45-ud3p with core 2 quad or duo?

    I'd keep what you have to be honest.

    If it records HD TV with x264 now, it will do so forever.

    As for games, as long as you're running at 3GHz + you should be entirely GPU dependant for performance in all but a few games.

    If however you run Crossfire with 2 x 4850/4870/4890, you could see performance increases at 4Ghz +. In this case, unless you play alot of GTA 4 get a E8400, saving some money over the E8500 and stupidly priced E8600.

    A Q9550 would also be an option if you want to keep your 4 cores, and can touch 3.8-4.2 Ghz.

    If you're running anything less than a 8800/9800GT then spend the 150-250 on a graphics card. Ati 4890's are extremely overclockable, and 4870's have dropped in price since its release. A 1GB version of either will do more for your games than a 45nm CPU. Even if you do have a half decent card, if it's ATI grab another and go Crossfire.

    Only time you really need to upgrade is when you get a definate case of ICY-DONUT ( I Can't Do the New Thing).
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