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Thread: Trying to overclock a 920 D0 + UD4P to 210+ blck

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    Angry Trying to overclock a 920 D0 + UD4P to 210+ blck

    I can get 200x21 pretty easily, but then anything over 200blck becomes a real pain . I'm running a 920 D0, UD4P (BIOS F7), and 3x2GB G.Skill Pi 1600.

    I can enter Windows @ 210blck with the following voltages. However it's not very stable and won't complete a Super Pi run. Is it possible to overvolt things? Also all the screens and stuff go by very slow, and the hard drives take a while to load. I thought maybe the ICH voltage needed to be turned up

    Vcore: 1.4250v
    QPI/VTT: 1.400v
    CPU PLL: 1.880v

    PCI-E: Auto
    QPI PLL: Auto
    IOH Core: 1.400v
    ICH I/O: 1.580v
    ICH Core: 1.32v

    DRAM Voltage: 1.700v

    RAM is running @ 2:6 divider, and the PCI-E frequency is locked @ 100.

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    Default Re: Trying to overclock a 920 D0 + UD4P to 210+ blck

    Try QPI PLL 1.24-1.3 and maybe more/less (Test Both) QPI/Vtt

    IOH looks to be a bit much as well, I have had to use 1.38 to run 222 Blck and thought that was alot, of course all CPU's and boards differ and I have also used less than 1.38 to run the same Blck so who knows. It did seem to help me initially until I found it was not needed to be set to high, but raising it is what got me to 222 the first time. Of course I was also running x19 multi so My thoughts may be of little use when thinking of 21x210 as I have yet to get that stable myself. After having said that, you may need far more Vcore for running 4.4+

    Let me know if you find out any secrets!! Have you got it stable using x19?

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