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Thread: Sound drivers for EP45-UD3R?

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    Default Sound drivers for EP45-UD3R?

    I have a problem I noticed. The sound manager that used to be in the taskbar at the bottom right from gigabyte has disappeared. There is still the generic white one that is always there. I remember the icon was orange. It would tell me when I plugged in a mic or speakers and had other options. I use Vista 64-bit.

    I have narrowed it to 2 conclusions.

    1. The new drivers I installed from March caused it to disappear.


    2. I spilled water on my speaker volume controller yesterday, and it caused my sound card to short circuit. (Lol, I'm not that tech savvy, but I concluded it to this.

    If it is option 1, do you guys know how to get that menu back?

    It's bugging me because all of a sudden my mic sounds really bad and it's quieter now. Much help appreciated.

    EDIT: Ok, I found out it was called Realtek sound effect manager. I opened it and it appears to be the same thing. Although, it has a weird blue skin. It gives me a popup saying that the audio driver I'm using is not for Windows Vista. I got it off of Gigabyte's website, so I'm not sure what is wrong. I'm going to try reverting back to the old driver right now.

    EDIT 2: Ok, I don't know which driver to get. The only ones they have are the new one, which claims to work for vista 64, and the rest are for vista 32-bit
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    Default Re: Sound drivers for EP45-UD3R?

    Go here for the latest drivers direct from Realtek: Realtek HD Audio
    The driver you want is called "Vista Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file)", it's the same file for 32bit or 64bit, and will install the correct driver automatically.

    If you already have similar drivers, the install utility will uninstall them and ask you to reboot. You need to run setup again after the reboot.

    Please note, Realtek seem to be unaware of the existance of different (faster, more secure) web browsers, and will only let you use Internet Explorer to use their download links.
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