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Thread: EP45-UD3P wakes itself from S3

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    Default EP45-UD3P wakes itself from S3

    Hello, my very first post here.

    I'm currently having the problem described in the thread title:
    unlike many who complain that their EP45s won't properly wake from S3, I'm experiencing the exact opposite - my board wakes itself up after some time of putting it into sleep mode. Sometimes it does this within minutes of putting it in S3, sometimes it happens after a few hours.

    I've already disabled any wake-up options in Power Management section of BIOS and can't exactly figure out what could be the culprit or solution.

    The board is otherwise rock stable, I've used Prime95, OCCT, Orthos and LinX to test and confirm its stability...

    I'd be very thankful for any advice or suggestion...

    My build:
    EP45-UD3P (BIOS F9)
    Q9650 @ 4GHz
    2x 2GB OCZ ReaperX
    ATi HD4870
    Windows 7 x64 RC
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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P wakes itself from S3

    Please see this post by Sunburn and check to be sure those are not the issue >>

    Then can you please run these commands, hope they still work in windows 7? >>

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    Default Re: EP45-UD3P wakes itself from S3

    Lsdmeasap, the links you provided seemed to work, now my machine does not wake itself up anymore, thank you!
    I tested this thoroughly to make sure before replying.

    However, I have one more question - if I need a little help with overclocking and choosing the correct settings, may I use this thread or is is better to start a new one?

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