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Thread: GA-EX38-DS4 + E8300 above 3.4ghz help

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    Default GA-EX38-DS4 + E8300 above 3.4ghz help

    Hey guys. Just wondering if I could have some help overclocking my E8300 past 3.4ghz (which is 1:1 with my current RAM).

    I'm not sure the CPU is the problem, but maybe the RAM is. Almost like it doesn't like being barely above it's EPP profile (800mhz and 4-4-4-12-2T). Here is the link to my memory: Patriot Memory - Products

    And here is my current BIOS settings (using BIOS F6c):

    RGB = Auto
    CPU Clock Ratio = 8x
    Fine CPU Clock Ratio = 0.5
    CPU Frequency = 3.400Ghz
    PCI Express Frequency = 100mhz (locked, not auto)
    CIA2 = Disabled
    Performance Enhancer = Standard
    System Memory Multiplier = 2.00D (the 1:1 ratio)
    Memory Frequency = 800mhz

    DRAM Timings = Manual
    Primary Timings = 4-4-4-12 (respectively)
    Sub Timings:
    ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD) = 3
    Rank Write to READ Delay = 3
    Write To Precharge Delay = 6
    Refresh to ACT Delay = 42 (I know it's low but I've tested and it works w/o incident)
    Read to Precharge Delay = 3
    Static tRead Value = 8
    Static tRead Phase Adjust = Auto (actually 0 but that is not selectable)
    Command Rate(CMD) = 2T

    CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control = 800mv
    CPU Clock Skew Control = Normal
    (G)MCH Clock Skew Control = Normal

    DDR2 Voltage = +0.30v
    PCI-E Voltage = +0.10v
    FSB Voltage = +0.10v
    (G)MCH Voltage = +0.200v
    Loadline Calibration = Disabled (I read Dual-Cores like it disabled)
    CPU Voltage = 1.27000v (had to up it slightly w/o LLC active)

    CPU Smart Fan Control = Disabled
    CPU Warning Temp = 70oC
    HPET Support = Enabled
    HPET Type = 64-bit
    Onboard IDE Controller = Disabled

    Limit CPUID = Disabled
    No Execute Mem Protect = Enabled
    C1E = Disabled
    TM2 = Enabled
    EIST = Disabled
    Virtual Tech = Disabled
    Full Screen Logo Show = Disabled
    Legacy Storage = Enabled (I sometimes use a flash drive)

    Also soon, I plan to put back in the other memory kit I have laying around (same memory as the link at topic start). I'll have 8GB memory once again at that point. I'm sure that'll affect my overclock since I plan to try for above 1:1.

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    Default Re: GA-EX38-DS4 + E8300 above 3.4ghz help

    Which exact ram do you have there? 2x1 or 2x2 or what? Just need to be sure

    Nothing looks to be too "Off", but without knowing for sure your ram I could be wrong. If you do have 2x2G kit, then yes you are right 42 may be to low. Tested or not, since you are having an issue I cannot see how you say it is fine yet you still have issues. I would recommend you raise that for now to 52-54 at least until you get things moving along better

    You may just need more CPU Voltage then you are using. And yeap, some ram will not go much about the Specs without loosening up the timings. I think yours should though, at least maybe up to 850 using 444-12, but you may need to use the full 2.2v allotted (Not recommend without a fan directly on the ram)

    I can advise more once I know for sure which ram set you have. What is your goal anyway? Higher speed on the CPU or higher FSB no matter?
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    Default Re: GA-EX38-DS4 + E8300 above 3.4ghz help

    2x2GB. But as of yesterday I have two of those kits, so I have 8GB memory now.

    I must clarify. My issues arose even with tRFC at 60. The issue itself was that Vista would either get a BSOD just before or just after the loading bar screen. I believe at the time my RAM was doing 2.2v as well. Also, this was BEFORE I put the other 2x2GB kit in.

    Since having 8GB once again (one kit was removed back during my "i fried my q9450" incident), I haven't had any problems. The timings for all four sticks are set as displayed in my first post.

    The goal was to get the E8300 to run at a higher frequency. As high as it could go without exceeding the Intel safety maximum.

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    Default Re: GA-EX38-DS4 + E8300 above 3.4ghz help

    Sorry for the double post, but I need a quick question answered.

    If I was to purchase a sound card, would it be okay for me to relocate my video card to the second PCI-E slot? If I didn't, then the sound card would block the cooler of the video card and the case fan at the bottom.

    If I did relocate it, it should be a simple matter of altering the BIOS to "see" the 2nd PCI-E slot and detect the video card is there...right?

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