Hello and thanks again for your help.
OK here is where I got to
I ended up taking out the corsair sticks from the EP48-DQ6 board and replaced them with some much cheaper patriot ones
they seem to be working fine now and the quadcore is overclocked to 3.2Ghz
i'll update the setting later in case others need them

Then I took the corsair sticks and put them in my other computer(a GA-X38-DQ6 with Xeon3110 processor)
after a LOT of stuffing around I managed to get them to pass 2 complete rounds of memtest 2.11++(I stopped after that) however they are running at quit slow timings (5-5-5-18 @1.9v 840Mhz i think - the XEON3110 is also overclocked to 3.4Ghz :) )

The weird thing is memtest shows the memory speed as about 3300mb/s however when i test them in Windows I get 7500mb/s - 9000mb/s for read and write
Is that strange??
I am VERY happy the computer at least seems stable now - I would how ever like to get more performace out of the RAM - seeing that's why I spent the extra money in the first place though.