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Thread: Processor speed keeps dropping when not in use.

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    Default Re: Processor speed keeps dropping when not in use.

    Depending on what you use it for, yes it is more or less useful.

    It's always recommended to turn it off while over clocking, as it may possibly cause issues. It has improved in its different versions though. For instance it will no longer drop vCore if it detects a manually set voltage, an altered (less than maximum) multiplier or a different FSB than standard.

    Always worth enabling if you can get it to work. If you come up with stability issues then turn it off, without question.

    As the OP was worried about not seeing his actual processor speed, I'd say that's a bad reason to turn off speed step. Nobody should have a copy of CPU-Z open all the time staring at their clock speed (a slight exaggeration maybe). Speed Step will do its job fine when you load your system, and many speed reporting tools will load the processor before displaying the frequency reading. CPU-Z and some Windows dialog boxes don't. That's not a bad thing.
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    Default Re: Processor speed keeps dropping when not in use.

    ^^^ Thats pretty much what I was trying to say. Thanks for the Clarification Psycho101
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    Default Re: Processor speed keeps dropping when not in use.

    Quote Originally Posted by nickcib01 View Post
    I can't seem to find the setting in the Bios to make it stop. Anyone? I have it oc'ed from 2.6 to 3.2. Whenever the processor isn't in use it falls to 2.4. Where can i turn this off?

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    If you where to tell me that you lose processor setting when you shut down (power down) I would say it is your battery but if it is still on and your processor drops it could posibly be in your Quit Cool Setting if it is on your board BIOS.

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    Default Re: Processor speed keeps dropping when not in use.

    turn off c1e and eist to give you full processor speed all the time,also if your running windows 7 you will need to select high performance profile in power saving options or it will still throttle the cpu the same as c1e will,personally i use c1e and eist all the time and have no problems with stability
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