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Thread: Windows crashed on RAID volume, what now?

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    Default Windows crashed on RAID volume, what now?

    I have a Windows XP PRO with SP2 installation on an ICH9R RAID controller in RAID1 mode. The machine was power off without shutdown and the diskcheck repaired dozens of pointer. Now when it boots I get a BSOD (BAD_MEMORY_POOL).
    I think the RAID volume is OK, but the Matrix Storage Manager BIOS reports that the volume status is "Verify". Don't know what that means and I cant find any Intel documentation that mentions it.

    Do you think it would be all right to use the F6-floppy install method to re-install the RAID driver and then attempt to repair the Windows install using the Windows installation CD? Just installing the drivers won't damage the RAID volume, right?

    Thanks for any help on this. I would really like to salvage the Windows install. If I can't do that, I at least need to mount the volume and recover the data on it.


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    Default Re: Windows crashed on RAID volume, what now?

    Something like that happened to me too not long ago....I just deleted the array and made a new one and install vista x64 (no need for F6, drivers built in). I had the first 120GB of each drive(2 x caviar blacks 640GB) in RAID0 and the rest in RAID1. Maybe was to much to ask from a software RAID or not the right setup. HD Tune showed really good results in that kind of configuration....I also enabled "write-back cache" in Intel Matrix Manager for both volumes.This sample was before I enabled write-back cache. With that on, the burst rate was around 1800MB/sec. I don't really know how much of a difference that makes in real life situations, but was nice to see it as a HD Tune result.
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    Default Re: Windows crashed on RAID volume, what now?

    I recovered my RAID0 data following a motherboard failure using one of these, it worked really well with Raid2Raid (Free) and some other software that I can't recall the name of right now...
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    Default Re: Windows crashed on RAID volume, what now?

    Quote Originally Posted by JoniFuture View Post
    I think the RAID volume is OK, but the Matrix Storage Manager BIOS reports that the volume status is "Verify".
    Whenever there is a write to disks, there probably is update of timestamps too to show that their contents are identical. Now the BIOS sees differing timestamps, ie something may not be in sync. Naturally it has to verify that they are in sync, or if they are not, then figure out which way to do the update, for mirror copies must by definition remain identical. Not quite the same as rebuild, where one copies from old&good disk to the new&empty disk.

    Or something to that effect.

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