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Thread: EX58-UD3R not displaying full memory

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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R not displaying full memory

    This can be caused by several things, but yes always reseat your ram to be sure it is snug. Also check to be sure the ram connectors themselves are clean.

    Also, if no bent pins are found then always try more/less QPI/Vtt because often if you are outside of your CPU's IMC QPI/Vtt range it likes for the difference between Vdimm-QPI/Vtt then this can happen. While you should always stay within .5 difference some CPU's like the amount to be closer and others further apart. And of course all of this also has to take in to account the ram speed and timings being used. Some high speed ram even requires the QPI/Vtt to be more than the Vdimm (1.6-1.7)

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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R not displaying full memory

    Sorry to hijack the thread but, I've the same problem, but my C channel shows as N/A on all fields, any idea? >< [Edit] Sorry my setup is: INTEL Core i7 920 2.66GHz / 4.8GT/s / 8MB GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R POWER COLOR ATI HD4770 512MB DDR5 PCI-E TEAM Elite KIT 6GB 3x2GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 PC10666 WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB SATA II 16MB 7200 RPM LG DVDRW 22X SATA Preto Bulk LC POWER 600W Ventoínha 120mm Silent - LC6600
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    Default Re: EX58-UD3R not displaying full memory

    Hi all
    as i had the same problem, i dropped in the give my experience and solution to the bios don't show full mem capacity problem.

    you can also see this thread where i 1st posted about this problem:
    Windows 7 64bit recognize 4GB of 6GB RAM - Rage3D Discussion Area

    the problem on my PC was a bent socket pin on the mobo (as the i7 cpu doesnt have pins just flat surface connectors), it was pulled back to place with a tiny screwdriver and a magnifying glass and now all is working fine and all 6GB of mem are recognized and used by the system.

    hope this will help somone in the future.


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