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Thread: Impossible to attain a 100 % stable overclock at 4599 Mhz

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    Default Impossible to attain a 100 % stable overclock at 4599 Mhz


    I don't manage to obtain a fully stable overclock, despite all my attempts. With OCCT, Prime 95, LinX, I am not stable a long time because of the high temperature reached (15C) while in normal applications, the maximum temperature is about -15C. Consequently, I don't rely on these tools. On the other hand, SuperPi seems more reliable and close to a normal use. In Windows XP, Super Pi 32M passes successfully.

    In games, it depends : GTA4 can run 4 h without any crash and another time, it crashes after 10 minutes. In WIC, a crash always appear after around 5 - 10 minutes. Mirror's edge, Oblivion do not crash.

    I used a modding Oblivion tool (OBMM) to compress Qarl's texture pack and this "test" shows no errors, whereas it is quite stressful. In Opera, I sometimes have a blue screen.

    Memtest 2.11 is fully stable

    Here are the bios parameters :

    Advanced CPU Features :
    CPU Clock Ratio [20x]
    Intel(R) Turbo Boost Tech [Enabled]
    CPU Cores Enabled [All]
    CPU Multi Threading [Disabled]
    CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) [Disabled]
    C3/C6/C7 State Support [Disabled]
    CPU Thermal Monitor [Disabled]
    CPU EIST Function [Disabled]
    Virtualization Technology [Disabled]
    Bi-Directional PROCHOT [Disabled]

    QPI Link Speed [Manual] x36

    Uncore & QPI Features [Press Enter]:
    QPI Link Speed [x36]
    Uncore Frequency [x15]
    Isonchronous Frequency [Disabled]

    Base Clock (BCLK) Control [Enabled]
    BCLK Frequency (MHz) [219]

    Advanced Clock Control [Press Enter]:
    standard clock control
    Base Clock (BCLK) Control [Enabled]
    BCLK Frequency (MHz) [219]
    PCI Express Frequency (MHz) [100]
    C.I.A.2 [Disabled]

    advanced clock control
    CPU Clock Drive [ 800mV]
    PCI Express Clock Drive [ 900mV]
    CPU Clock Skew [ 150ps] (testing from 0 to 200 ps, seems a bit better when increased)
    IOH Clock Skew [ 0ps]

    Performance Enhance [Turbo]
    Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) [Disabled]
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [x6]
    DRAM Timing Selectable (sPD) [SPD]

    Advanced DRAM Features [Press Enter]:
    Performance Enhance [Standard]
    System Memory Multiplier (SPD) [6x]
    DRAM Timing Selectable (sPD) [SPD]

    Advanced Voltage Control [Press Enter]:
    Load Line Calibration [Enabled]
    CPU Vcore 1.29375v [1.48125]
    QPI/VTT Voltage [1.335]
    CPU PLL 1.800v [1.84]


    PCIE [1,5]
    QPI PLL [1,14]
    IOH Core 1.100v [1,1]
    ICH I/O 1.500v [1,35]
    ICH Core 1.1v [1,1]


    DRAM Voltage 1.500v [1,640]
    DRAM Termination 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-A Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-B Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-C Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-A Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-B Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82]
    Ch-C Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82]

    RAM timings : 7-6-6-16-23 (trc), 1T (CMD), every other parameter on Auto.

    My RAM frequency is low, at 1314 Mhz, since I cannot stabilize my overclock when the RAM multiplier is 8, at 1752 Mhz. The CPU is cooled by a phase change unit, the RAM sticks are cooled by 2 80 mm fans.

    Really, Any idea is welcome : I am near a fully stable overclock but I don't know what to do now. Furthermore, what tool can I use to test my stability ? (a tool which heats the CPU at normal temperatures).

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    i7 920@4599 Mhz, Gigabyte EX-58 DS4 bios F6c, 3x2 GB OCZ 1333 7-7-7-20, GTX280, 3x500 GB HDD, Corsair TX 750 W

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    Default Re: Impossible to attain a 100 % stable overclock at 4599 Mhz

    Well I use LinX myself to test CPU Stability, but you could use multiple instances of Prime95 or Orthos if you wanted they would be a little less stressful than LinX. Seems you do not like those? Why, just because they fail only means your settings are not stable, it does not mean they are not good tools

    When you do get BSOD's what is the error codes? I find this to be true most often >>

    0X00000050 << Incorrect Memory Timing/Freq or Uncore Multi
    0X00000124 << Incorrect QPI/Vtt Voltage (To Much/Not Enough)
    0X00000101 << Not enough Vcore Voltage

    4.5Ghz is pushing it so you are further then me so my advice may not help much. You have of course tried looser ram timings first right to be sure that is not part of the issue? How about Uncore multi of only 12-13?

    You may just need more Vcore, have you tried testing more?

    And I would think more of these would/could also help >>

    QPI/VTT Voltage [1.335] << Try 1.35-1.4
    CPU PLL 1.800v [1.84] << Maybe 1.86-1.88


    PCIE [1,5] << 1.54-1.58
    QPI PLL [1,14] << Try 1.2-1.3
    IOH Core 1.100v [1,1] << Try 1.2-1.35 (Blck that high may need 1.35+, I know when I push 220+ Blck this above 1.35-1.4 helps the most)

    ICH I/O 1.500v [1,35] << Why the low amount? I would say set 1.5-1.58/1.6
    ICH Core 1.1v [1,1] << try 1.14-1.24


    DRAM Voltage 1.500v [1,640] << May need a bump to 1.66-1.68 as 1.64 may actually be less than that. I have seen it be 1.62 on some BIOS's. So a bump up to be sure would be something I would do until I got stable and then try to lower back later.

    DRAM Termination 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-A Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-B Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-C Data VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-A Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-B Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto
    Ch-C Address VRef. 0.750v [0.82] << Auto

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    Default Re: Impossible to attain a 100 % stable overclock at 4599 Mhz

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I will test with your values.

    I agree : LinX, prime95, OCCT, Orthos are very good tools to test the stability. But they are efficient since they make the CPU heat much. What I would like is a burning tool which heats the CPU like other applications while being stressful enough. It may be impossible ?

    I tested the uncore with a lower multiplier but the PC does not boot. I tried looser RAM timings but no change.
    i7 920@4599 Mhz, Gigabyte EX-58 DS4 bios F6c, 3x2 GB OCZ 1333 7-7-7-20, GTX280, 3x500 GB HDD, Corsair TX 750 W

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