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Thread: GA-EP35-DS3P and USB Power Issues

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    Default GA-EP35-DS3P and USB Power Issues

    I'm a big fan of Gigabyte boards
    Currently, I'm on my third one, a GA-EP35-DS3P
    I got a Maya44 USB external sound card to go with it.
    The output level on this card seemed to be extremely low relative to any other sound card I've ever used. I have to turn speakers/amps up to 75% - 100% level to be listenable. A comparable apparent output on other sound cards would see the same speaker/amps at 15%-20%
    I initially wrote this off as being a problem with the Maya44.
    This past weekend I had to do some mobile recording and hooked that card up to a laptop and experienced what I would consider a normal output level where I didn't have to crank the speakers up to hear anything. This prompted me to test the card out with other machines. There is a drastically lower card output when used on EP35-DS3P compared to any other machine tested.
    The card has always processed audio and otherwise functioned normally besides the low output. Also, there are indicator LEDs for each in/out channel. These light brightly relative to the signal under normal operation but do not light at all on the EP35-DS3P machine.
    According to device manager, it has 250 mA available to it and is running 61% available power with 11% system reserved.
    I've tried every rear mount USB port with the same results.
    Yesterday, I connected the front panel USB on my case to the front panel USB headers on the EP35-DS3P. There is no difference in power usage or output level on these ports, either.
    Device manager reports the same power availability and bandwidth usage for the card on the laptop and other machines which have produced normal output.

    I have a PoWork 600 watt power supply and a relatively low performance graphics card and no other devices besides the drives and fans.
    I have two SATA HD and a SATA DVD drive. I recently added the second HD in the past few weeks and the performance of the sound card is unaffected by the addition or removal of that drive or fan usage.
    This has led me to assume that the power supply is not responsible.

    Would a PCI USB card be able to sort anything out?
    I don't have an extra power supply and a PCI USB card is definitely cheaper. I'm guessing this wouldn't be much different than using the front panel USB headers, though.
    Short of swapping out the power supply, is there anything else I could do to troubleshoot this?

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3P and USB Power Issues

    Did you disable the on board sound in the BIOS? Might help.
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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3P and USB Power Issues

    I just now tried that out and it didn't have any effect.
    Thank you, though, definitely appreciate any input I can get.

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    Default Re: GA-EP35-DS3P and USB Power Issues

    Tried another power supply with this and got the same results.
    I have also tried disabling the USB ports that I am not using.

    I'm thoroughly convinced this is a problem with the Gigabyte board.
    Can anyone suggest a possible misconfiguration that could be causing this or should I assume that the board is actually defective and get it replaced?

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