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Thread: ma78gm-us2h Install issues

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    Default ma78gm-us2h Install issues

    I am having an impossible time installing an an OS on this newly built machine with this board. I am pretty sure that it has something to do with the hard drive (western digital caviar blue sata). I have read through the forums and have set my bios to the settings below to no avail:

    OnChip SATA Controller ___________ Enabled
    OnChip SATA Type _______________ Native IDE
    OnChip SATA Port 4/5 Mode _______ IDE or As Sata Type (May be locked when using IDE above)

    For AHCI >>>>

    OnChip SATA Controller ___________ Enabled
    OnChip SATA Type _______________ AHCI
    OnChip SATA Port 4/5 Mode _______ As Sata Type (Or IDE if you want to use CD/DVD drives on port 4/5)[/quote]

    I have checked that the hard drive is okay on another machine but I just cannot get this thing going at all. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Smile Re: ma78gm-us2h Install issues

    Hello, you know? i have the same very problem with my GAMA-78GM-US2H. i have the same Western Digital Caviar HDD.

    Reading on some forums some users say that i need to install the SATA/RAID drivers from the MotherBoard's DVD.

    They say that i have to press F6 in the first blue screen of Windows XP installation, then the computer will request a diskette with the SATA/RAID (i don't have any diskette hardware) drivers, then you give various commands to continue, and you're done.

    But the problem is when you discover that the MotherBoard doesn't recognize even the HDD! i have tried the following configurations.

    NATIVE IDE ---- IDE (Default)
    AHCI ---------- As Sata Type
    RAID ---------- As Sata Type (With no array).

    Result? Miserable Fail!

    It is anything i did wrong?, Any suggestions? Any Advice?

    Really, any help would be appreciated.

    PD: Sorry, for my very rustic english.


    The option OnChip SATA Driver is Enabled.
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    Default Re: ma78gm-us2h Install issues

    I resolved the problem!!!

    You got to make a Windows XP DVD with a program called nLite, add the x86(for 32bit systems) or the x64(for 64 bit systems) SATA/RAID driver to the windows installation (the filename is AHCIX86.INF for x86 for example) and setup the bios in AHCI Mode As SATA Type. That worked for me.


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