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Thread: Please correct my i7 overclock

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    Exclamation Please correct my i7 overclock

    I'm running i7 with spec X58-UD5, OCZ Gold 3x2GB 12800 and managed to push i7 to 4Ghz stable with 1hr IBT and temp around 68c.

    I tried to push to 4.2GHz and set BCLK to 210 but just won't boot.


    - Advanced CPU feat
    Intel Turbo: DIsabled
    Multi threading: Disabled
    C1E: Disabled
    EIST: Disabled
    The rest default (should i disable them?)

    -QPI Link Speed: x36

    -Uncore & QPI features:
    Uncore Freq: x18

    -BCLK: Enabled
    BCLK: 200MHz (won't boot @ 210MHz?)

    -Advanced clock control
    PCIe: 100 MHz
    The rest default

    -Performance enhance: Standard

    -SPD: 8.0
    MHz: 1600
    Timing: Manual
    7-7-7-16 CMD 1 (default)

    -Load Line Calibration: enabled
    CPU vCore: 1.23125
    QPI/VTT Voltage: 1.175 (AUTO)
    IOH Core: 1.100v (AUTO)
    DRAM: 1.640

    Any advise


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    Default Re: Please correct my i7 overclock

    I tried to enable multi thread so can have 8 threads and can't get it stable. But it's stable with it disable?

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    Default Re: Please correct my i7 overclock

    Managed to get stable with multi thread enable but had to change spd multiplier to x6 instead of 8 so only get around 1200Mhz.

    Any suggestions so i can OC my RAM to max as would like to run around 1600 MHZ


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    Default Re: Please correct my i7 overclock


    Just a couple of things you could try:

    -"Auto" voltages: I would change this to manual voltages. The problem is the BIOS does not show actual set voltages, you have to use EasyTune6 in windows to check that.
    In my case for example, vtt voltage on auto gives too much voltage for stability above 200 bclk....

    Uncore x18: this might be limiting your OC a little so try x16 or x17, this will also require less vtt voltage.

    I have also read that these CPU's OC better with odd multis (x19, x21...). So for 4.2 GHz you could use your 200bclk setting with Ram at 1600 and turn "turbo mode" on (200x21).
    You might need to increase CPU voltage quite a bit to stay stable though.
    On my C0 (and with newer "no TDP limit" BIOS's) I need 1.3v for 4ghz, but 1.44v for 4.2ghz....
    Windows 7 Pro 64 | OCZ Vertex 120 | Cosmos S
    Gigabyte P67A-UD5-B3 (F6) | Enermax Revolution85+ 1050w
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