After a bad flash my MB keeps rebooting in an endless cycle.
Unfortunately the backup BIOS in the Host Protected Area had
been rewritten by another MB, EP45-DS3LR , to which I had my
hard drive connected. The flash of EP35C-DS3R was done by
booting from a CD with FreeDOS, with no HDD attached to the MB.
I think I can still save the MB by writing the correct backup
BIOS to the HPA of my HDD and then booting with that HDD
connected to the EP35C-DS3R MB.
If anyone with an EP35C-DS3R motherboard would be willing to
follow a few steps in Linux in order to be able to read the
HPA on one of their HDDs already connected to this MB
I would by very thankful!
If you don't have Linux already there is a small bootable iso
from Download - SystemRescueCd which has lots of useful tools
for recovery.
The only tool that I need is hdparm which can be found in all Linux
distributions, usually already installed. I have written a
python script which uses hdparm in order to gain access
and read the HPA to a file.
Thank you very much!