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Thread: overclock ex58-ud5 i7 920 to 3.6

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    Default overclock ex58-ud5 i7 920 to 3.6

    i just want to overclock my i7 to a stable 3.6Ghz
    my CPU cooler unit is : CoolerMaster V10 which is quite a beast..

    Cooler Master - Ultimate provider of Computer Chassis | Cooler | Power Supply

    the RAM is 6X2GB 1333 = total of 12GB (XMS3)
    any suggestion in regards to all the settings i need to put in the bios ?

    thanks in advance
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    Default Re: overclock ex58-ud5 i7 920 to 3.6


    I've just reduced my OC for summer (Hot weather) to the following:

    Load optimized defaults, and leave everything on Auto (default) except for:
    -Bclk: 175 ( x21 = 3.675 Ghz)
    -Load Line Calibration: On
    -RAM timings: manual
    -Ram Voltage: manual
    -Integrated Peripherals: USB Kb/mouse enabled, Integrated audio disabled.

    For an easy 3.6 Ghz you could try the same thing with 171/172bclk.
    CPU might need a little more voltage, and Vtt as well because of the 12gigs of Ram.

    You could also go for 3.6Ghz with 200x18 and Turbo disabled, but you'll probably need quite a lot more voltage all around. Ram might not work at 2:8 (1600), and you'll need to set uncore multi lower (x16/17 is good, for me auto sets it too high for stability at 200bclk).

    Good luck :)

    P.S. I chose 175 because that is the max Stable OC for my chip with auto cpu voltage, and C1E/Speedstep only work properly (voltage goes down to 1.05v on idle) if CPU voltage is left on auto...
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    Default Re: overclock ex58-ud5 i7 920 to 3.6


    thanks for your reply..any chance you could post me an idiot guide..(im using 1333mhz RAM)


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    Default Re: overclock ex58-ud5 i7 920 to 3.6

    i was able to OC it to 4.0Ghz using the gigabyte OC manual located at:

    the OC itself went fine and on IDLE temperature im getting around 39c ..
    the problem starts with the stress using Core Damage that can be found at :
    Core Damage CPU Stress Tester

    this really stress the CPU to 100% as oppose to SP2004, but from some reason when im getting around 75c the PC just BSOD and boot itself..
    to the best of my knowledge, that shouldn't happen, i mean, i would expect a very high temperature..but not BSOD..

    any thoughts?

    i wouldn't really mind OC to just that i only have the idiot manual to 4.0Ghz..

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