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Thread: EX58 UD3R +I7 920 +OCZ 1600mhz ram = Unstable with hypertheding

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    Default EX58 UD3R +I7 920 +OCZ 1600mhz ram = Unstable with hypertheding

    Right system specs

    PSU Corsair HX620
    MOBO EX58-UD3R, F6 bios
    CPU Core I7 920 D0, Cooler Thermalright 120 Ultra Extreme
    Graphics HIS/ATI Radeon X1950 Turbo 512mb
    RAM OCZ3G1600LV6GK

    OS Windows 7 Build 7100 + Xp Dual boot

    Basically, With hyperthreading off, it's rock stable. I can hammer it with any stress testing tool and it's stable, even slightly overclocked (3.2ghz) the cpu temps aren't even hitting 65c.

    The Memory Passes Memtest at it's rated settings.

    With hyper threading on prime 95 will fail on one or more workers within an hour sometimes a few minutes and Intels burn test will fail with more than 1gb of memory tested.

    This is even returning to full stock settings, using the optermised or fail safe defaults, with turbo mode on or off.

    I've gave the beta f7a bios a go, with the same results.

    I suspect the CPU personaly but I have herd of others having simlar problems with the same CPU MOBO and RAM. Unless there is an undoumented incompatbility between the Ram and Mobo. Others i have talked to are having no problems with different ram.

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    Default Re: EX58 UD3R +I7 920 +OCZ 1600mhz ram = Unstable with hypertheding

    It sounds like a bad CPU. I've beat the heck out of mine. It's been solid as a rock. HT is on at 3.6Ghz with inferior cooling to yours. Mine is a 3841B and a decent OC'er, but HT shouldn't be a problem well past 3.2Ghz. I've tested up to 3.8Ghz fully stable with HT and no problem beyond the heat at that speed+vcore. I'm using bios F5 instead of the latest. I stopped upgrading my bios when I reached a point I consider optimal, from that point on it's the old rule of "if it ain't broke, don't flash it..."
    Ci7 2600K @4.6Ghz/8Gb Patriot Viper DDR3 1600/Asus Sabertooth P67/EVGA GTX 580/Patriot Torqx 128/1 Tb WD Black
    Ci7 920/6Gb Corsair DDR3 1600mhz/EX58-UD3R/HIS Radeon HD 5870/750Gb Seagate ES.2, 2Tb WD Green
    And several other rigs...

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    Default Re: EX58 UD3R +I7 920 +OCZ 1600mhz ram = Unstable with hypertheding

    I seem to have got it stable!!

    What made the difference is an extra fan moving some air towards the Northbridge heatsink from the ram in front of the cpu heatsink.

    The stock intel cooler will exaust air all over both Northbridge and Voltage Regulator heatsinks.

    It's overclocked with HT now @ 3.2 ghz. If I stresstest without that fan there It's unstable or BSOD's, with the fan there seems pretty rock stable.

    Also What voltages are you using at 3.6GHz for everything. just out of curiosity. I might see how fast I can get it and back it of to a comfortable noise level.

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    Default Re: EX58 UD3R +I7 920 +OCZ 1600mhz ram = Unstable with hypertheding

    i have the same setup as you except the gpu. 1.375 vcore, 1.66 vdimm gets me to 4ghz. cores hit the high 70s when running linx. good luck

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