Recenly purchased new ep45-ud3p, Mushkin 1066 2x2GB(996599),e8400,WD 320gb HD. Also using 9800gtx, Antec 550w from my old system.(WIndos 7rc)

At first startup every thing booted up and running. After a several hours of use got blu screen. Then changed dram voltage to spec,2.1V, all other settings stock and auto. Seems to run fine until doing something intensive.

Ran prime95. Errors after bout 30min. Have run Orthos for upto 3 hours no errors (havnt had time to let run longer)

Long story short, ran memtest86+ lots of errors on test #1 with both sticks installed. But witheither single stick in either single slot test #1 runs fine and ran 3 full tests fine.

Can anyone give help on this issue?

Stock RAM setting are 2.0-2.1v, 5-5-5-15. This works on auto or manual.

P.S. I also tried loosening timings to 7-7-7-20 but then got no boot.