Hi, I have this boot loop when i set in bios ANYTHING instead of default values. My current bios is f9, tried also F7 and F8. When I restart my os (vista x64) system shutdown and the boot loop begin. I had to remove the power plug and wait some seconds. When the power is on all is back to default. I had disable the usb mass storage function and c1,c4 with no improvements. Tried differents type and sizes of ram,(teamgroup,corsair,crucial,kingston,ocz) with no benefits. Tried only yellow and red slots, same thing. I prefer not to spend 20 euro for rma,can you help me?This thing is frustrating..
q9950 E0 default (is capable of 3.7 ghz at 1.20 so I think the cpu is good)
Ep45 Ud3r rev 1.1
Various types of ram, currently teamgroup ddr2 9600
cooler master realpower m850. The os was reinstalled yesterday, hd are in raid 0.
Sorry for my bad english