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Thread: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

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    Default Memory support for X48T-DQ6


    After a long and painful investigation i have come to the conclusion that my OCZ DDR3 memory doesnt agree with my motherboard. It's taken me half a year and extensive testing (no errors in memtest or windows memtest) from both me and the company i bought the parts from to come to that conclusion but there simply arent any alternatives to a compatibility issue.

    The memory support list shows a similar, though not exact, OCZ model to mine in 1gb but my 2x2gb sticks doesnt seem to cut it.

    Either way. I'll need to replace my memory but for obvious reasons the support list doesnt help me much. I wonder if anyone has experience with Gigabyte's X48T board and whether you could help me out. A quick search here gave me that Mushkin is a nice brand but there are unfortunatly none on the swedish market. I pretty much only got OCZ, Corsair and Kingston to choose from in the 2/2x2gb DDR3 1333-1600mhz niche and after the OCZ Platinum failed me im a little hestitant to give them another chance.
    If anyone got suggestions for which way to go i'd be very grateful.

    On another note entirely i think its an outrage that no 2gb modules whatsoever are officially supported.

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    Default Re: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

    IMO official support lists aren't worth the web page they're printed on. They may indicate RAM that works but they are never ever updated after the boards release. A more important consideration is which modules definitely don't work.

    Sounds like the issue has been thoroughly tested by yourself and your supplier. I understand what you mean about some brands of RAM being hard to get. It's the same in the UK, some brands are rare.

    It might be worth getting the Corsair 1333 XMS3. They clock quite easily to 1600 in most cases, and although they're not on any compatability lists, should work fine. It's always a slight lottery with component compatibility unfortunately. I would also recommend spending a little more to get a set of 3 x 2GB. You will eventually I'm sure upgrade to a system with tripple channel RAM, and spending a third more now means you can take the RAM with you to a new system fully confident that you have a matched set.
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    Default Re: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

    Hi Tulkas,
    I've used for 8 months 2x2GB Kingston HyperX KHX13000AD3LLK2 (and before KHX13000D3LLK2) and for me both worked nice with my GB-X48T-DQ6. Never had any problems. With mild overclock: FSB ~ 400MHz @ 3.20B @ 7-7-7-20 @ 1.7V the bandwidth is little less than 9GB/s. Maybe it'll work for you as well.
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    Default Re: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

    Thanks guys. The KHX looks promising, I think i'll give them a chance.

    Such a damn lottery...

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    Default Re: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

    Hello all, I know this thread has been inactive for about two months now, but just wondering how the Kingston HyperX chips worked out for you. Just got my X48-DQ6, E8600 proc., and case is on the way. I'd like to narrow down what kind of RAM will be problem free, so I can get this rig up and running. All I come across is horror stories with incompatiblity at every turn! Half a year diagnosing a RAM issue !? My heart goes out to you. Also, what PSU are you using with that board, and are you happy with it? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: Memory support for X48T-DQ6

    Tulkas ... I have used 3 different sets of OCZ ram on my GA-x48t-dq6 board with not a single problem. I'm running a E8400 proc in a Thermaltake Armour case with the 230mm side fan that blows down on the ram and keeps them cool and a 750 Watt power supply.

    I started with Plantinum OCZ3P13332GK, a set of 2x1 gig sticks and ran from the moment I put power to them with no problems. I upgraded to the Platinum OCZ3P13334GK, a set of 2x2 gig sticks ... and again have had no problems tuning these for absolute stability. Then I saw a post by Crazyfox on the OCZ forums about the Platinum OCZ3P20004GK, a set of 2x2 gig sticks and running at 1600 MHz with no problem. I've duplicated that and upped it one more. I now have a profile where these OCZ sticks are running at at 458 FSB for 1832 MHz with my CPU running at 3.206 GHz. Again this is absolutely stable and running on air. It isn't the fastest rig in town, but for my purposes stability out weights max speed.

    Now, it could just be my board, which still has the original F4 BIOS on a Ver. 1.1 board. I've never updated the BIOS as I don't run RAID and have been quite content with the speeds I've gotten. But, from my own experience with this board, OCZ ram rocks ... just stay with the Plantinum sticks and you can't do much better.

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