Hi all,

I have been having trouble getting my RAM to run at stock speeds with this mobo. From my reading here, it seems like there are some very sharp heads who like to problem solve.

I have a rock-solid motherboard that can run stable at 530 MHz in prime95 for a day, at least when the e8500 cpu is set to the minimum mult of x6 and the RAM is underclocked. The CPU can also run stable for a day of torture test at 4 Ghz when the RAM is underclocked.

The problem is that even with low FSBs and low CPU multipliers, I cannot get my RAM to run where it should. I have 2x2GB kit of Patriot Viper DDR31600 (PVS34G1600LLK). I have tried one stick at a time, in both slots, etc and there still seems to be a barrier around 1550-1600 Mhz.

The Patriot engineers want to RMA both sticks. But since they behave exactly the same I am a little hesitant to ship them back so quick. (I bought them after reading this EXCELLENT article: X-bit labs - Print version )

Anyway they are garunteed to run at 1600 at 7-7-7-20 at 1.9 volts.

I have done some minor fiddling with MCH volts and RAM volts, but no luck so far. Anyone know the magic trick to make this board purr?

Here is most of my test data. What am I missing?

AND Now here is the same data sorted by RAM Speed:

Also attached the .xls spreadsheet if it helps...

I expect to be able to get this kit to 1700MHz, but right now 1600 would be fine with me.