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Thread: HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

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    Default HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

    My computer (EX58-UD5) was working fine with an SSD and SATA HDs on the ICH10 and optical drives on the SATA2 controllers using AHCI for both ICH10 and the SATA2 controllers. I wanted to install Windows 7, and during the first go around, I messed up a driver install within the OS, so I went to reinstall it. When I rebooted again, the computer froze under the ACHI drive detect screen in the BIOS. None of the drives were ever detected. I then went back to IDE all around and used another HD that had a Vista install. It booted up fine.

    My problem is I have changed nothing hardware related. I have tried to clear the CMOS, reinstall the F7 Final BIOS, and update the BIOS to F8b. I cannot get AHCI to detect any of my drives, but IDE mode works fine on another HD. AHCI was working FINE the way I wanted before. All I wanted to do was reboot and reinstall Windows 7. What I am saying is: all the hardware works. It has before in AHCI and works now in IDE. Any suggestions?

    BIOS Settings (What I am attempting):

    - All clocks auto or presets from a clean BIOS install
    - ACHI for both ICH10 and SATA2 controllers
    - SATA native mode enabled
    - Intel SSD as drive to load OS on
    - Any wake features disabled
    - No floppy detect
    - Power saving features not changed
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    Default Re: HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

    Okay, I got them to be detected by setting the BIOS to RAID instead of AHCI. If I do this, will I still be using AHCI even if I am still using a JBOD configuration? I NEED to be using AHCI according to Intel for my X25-E.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

    It depends on the chipset, BIOS, and driver. On my GA-MA78GM-S2H, in Windows 2008 Server, the SATA AHCI driver works for both AHCI mode and RAID mode.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

    On the EP45-UD3P RAID acts for AHCI if not array is configured, allowing for hot-swaps et al...
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    Default Re: HELP!!! AHCI BIOS Not Detecting My Drives Anymore!!!

    If is still running fine in IDE mode, install Intel Matrix Storage Manager, when installed, change to AHCI in Bios, Windows will boot fine, at least my MB SB is the same as yours, and works that way.

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